Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada: The Condom Fight Foreshadowing

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Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada apparently argued, on VH1's Basketball Wives, about his propensity for cheating - and whether or not he protects his piece - years before their alleged, violent altercation last weekend.

Basically, she told him that if he's going to cheat, at least have the decency to wrap that thing up first ... an ironic statement considering a condom receipt allegedly led to Chad Johnson heat-butting Evelyn Lozada Saturday.

The NFL All-Star was released by the Miami Dolphins a day after his arrest for domestic violence against Lozada, leaving his career in limbo.

Maybe he should have seen it coming, since Chad, who wed Lozada July 4, postponed the wedding over alleged cheating rumors once before.

She was also well aware of Ocho's wandering eyes ... and other body parts. Evelyn sat the father of four kids (none by her) down for a talk before the big day.

That talk was filmed for Basketball Wives, flashback included.

Back before they were engaged, she told him if he were to stray, be honest about it and at least "go to the pharmacy and get condoms" first.

Evelyn later explained that she and Chad didn't have an open relationship and she never wanted him to cheat, but was still "realistic" about it.

Saturday, Evelyn found a receipt for a box of condoms in their car, and apparently lost it on Chad, who was charged with domestic battery.

Reports of Johnson's side of the story vary, but it looks like the former Mr. Ochocinco is in serious hot water for not keeping it his pants.

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Karma is a bitch! Evelyn u shouldve listened to your friend jennifer. instead of acting like u thought she was against u She was trying fo warn u evelyn! Thats what a true friend does!


I don't believe Chad was right for hitting Evelyn , BUT she also is not a weak willed woman and her attitude strikes me as the kind to attack someone in that predicament, im sure they argued she swung he head butted her to calm her or in self defense or because that's just shit couples go through. But im sure he didn't want to kill her and after that he did not try to hut her more. She reacted as the victim cause she's a woman and she was hit by a man, but I don't think yu realized or even cared about his career that is now ruined or his image or even hers because I for one thought she wasn't the type chick to snitch especially on her husband no matter what the situation was , she should've head butted his ass back.


I really hate this happened I am a huge evelyn load fan and I couldn't wait for the show to hit the air but unfortunately the wrong thing hit the air first its all good though EVE keep to head up girl we still live you


Its a sad situation all the way around the board!. Lets just pray that they both can, and have learned from the mistakes that have been made, on both parts!!!!.....May God be with them both, through this rough time they are experiencing.....


Its a sad situation all the way around the board!. Lets just pray that they both can / abd have learned from the mistakes that have been made, on both parts!!!! Gid be with them both, through this rough time they are experiencing.....


It iz what it iz...I believe she started it and now she will play the victim.....


They played a clip from the now canceled VH1 show this morning on the radio where Evelyn tells Chad, if your gonna cheat tell me, wear a condomn & be honest. So he buys comdomns & she freaks out on him?!?! She knew what she was getting. She only wanted a pay day. They are both media whores.


When you act like a ho well what do you expect. Jennifer Williams warned Evelyn earlier this year about Chad but Evelyn took to fighting and not facing the cold hard truth, your man can't be monagamous so i can't feel sorry for her she knew what it was before she jumped into it. GOD bless all of you.


OMG I think what happened was they were gunning for the receipt and butt heads at the same time... Poor Chad...


I agree, no one knows what happened, it's even speculation that she loved him...