Bobbi Kristina Doubts Father Can "Rise Above" Alcoholism

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Bobby Brown has checked into rehab to deal with a reliance on alcohol. Good, encouraging news, right?

Not so much, says Bobbi Kristina Brown.

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Brown's 18-year old daughter, who skipped out on her dad's recent wedding and is considering a name change, was asked about her father's attempts to get clean and whether she's proud of him for "rising above" his substance abuse issues.

"Rise above' is not the word you should use," Bobbi told TMZ in response to the question. "Not at all."

Ouch. Brown checked into a facility this week, following a March arrest for DUI and years worth of constant drinking. Bobbi doesn't think it will make a difference.

Let's hope he proves her wrong.


@FriendlyD, haha that was my point. I was inadvertently sayin' it's irrelevant to this topic, but I could not help jumpin' on the topic since you boldly started it. And I fully take responsibilty for me coming across rude too. Hah


@kats: obviously it IS relevant because you agreed and expounded upon my comment. Face up to it, it's relevant and true.


YaY !!! Team Daddy Hater! Bobby Brown is human waste, just like my own father.


@FriendlyD, while your comment is irrelevant and rude, I have to totally agree with you. She looks like Bobby Brown in a wig. I've always felt bad for her with looks like that, when she had such a pretty mom (pre-drug use Whitney, that is.) Bobby Brown will never ever get it together. Whatever. It's his perrogative. (Sorry lol.)


She is very unattractive. Woof...

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