Ben Maisani, Boyfriend of Anderson Cooper, Spotted Smooching Another Man

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Move over, Robert Pattinson. Make room at the bar for Anderson Cooper.

The CNN anchor may need to drown his sorrows in a few suds, following the publication of a few photos that certainly make it look like Ben Maisani has gone all Kristen Stewart on his live-in boyfriend.

Anderson Cooper at the Daytime Emmys

The Daily Mail has posted shots of Maisani locking lips with an unidentified brunette in Grand Central Park. They were reportedly taken this past week and follow rumors that the journalist was hoping to marry his loved one as soon as Labor Day.

Cooper and Maisani - who owns the bar Eastern Bloc in Manhattan's East Village - have been together for approximately three years. They live together in Cooper's NYC townhouse.

Last month, following years of speculation, Cooper came out as gay in one of the classiest, most well-written statements we've read yet on this issue.


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lets see, NYC, gaymen with absolutely no history of long term faithfulness being faithfull?? I am so surprised at horndogs cheating..its a classic behavior pattern for gay men. Its not like they have any normnative values or anything.


Wow! But I am not surprised. Very few gay men are faithful simple as that. I have several gay male friends and even they agree with this statement. Anderson everything happens for a reason and your dream partner is out there and you will find him hang in there...


Anderson must not like his men clean. Think about it.... It's like a truckstop toilet ...filthy and any butt is open for using. NASTY!!!!!!


Anderson, you are playing a dangerous game and deserve so much more.


As all the perverts, come out of the closet. True love among the freaks, for the cash. Lmao.


I love Anderson.


Haha Move over Robert Pattinson, i like that phrase, but still i think they broke up long ago, caz Anderson is really a private guy who doesnt need to explain to any1


He is not a brunette. He's male. He's a brunet.


Thanks for your kind words of support everyone! Ben Maisani and I have an open relationship so he can have sex with as many boys and girls as he likes as long as he comes home to poppa at the end of the evening --Anderson


anderson deserve better