What Will Snooki Name Her Baby Boy?!

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Snooki and Jionni LaValle have revealed what they will name their baby boy.

No, it's not Jionni Jr., or Meatball, or Lil Guido, or Frankie G, or Vinny Jr.

It's Lorenzo!!

Jionni LaValle, Snooki Photo

The news was accidentally spilled earlier today by her Jersey Shore co-stars while they were being interviewed by USA Today about the new season.

The 24-year-old and Jionni LaValle, who are engaged, announced they are expecting a boy in May, and Lorenzo was on her short list of names then.

Snooki has already had one baby shower, which was filmed for the MTV series. Another shower, the source said, is likely to happen early next month.

Snooki's due in September. Will she be a good mom?


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What will u name it


as a mom myself and any women who has a baby knows that a pregnancy can last 40 weeks which is 10 months an average pregnancy is 36- 40 weeks duh....


Hey Greenie, you really are a complete idiot! "Oooh so the baby is due in 10 months,lol!" hahaha they meant she found out she was pregnant in May, dummy! Snooky is due in September!! I swear some people are so retarded.


I love nicole and jionni,they totally match-they're just like designer product's-Nicole being a gucci bag and Jionni being a prada belt


she doesnt even know how to hold the baby and she'll probablly drop it js


I think Nichole and Joinni will be wonderful parents!:) I'm happy for the both of them!:)


Why Can't you all just leave them alone?!. (thats to the haters on here) shes trying to be a good person , but in all honestly it doesnt't help when your being rude and crude. I perosnally think shes going to be a great mom. So what if shes had flaws in her life? everyone does! So what? we try to fix them. Im so happy for Snooki!:) congrats!:)


She found out in May that her baby is a boy!!! Not that she was having a baby in 10 wks! Geesh! She definitely needs parenting classes. I doubt it'll help. She has some major issues...MAJOR! Jionni looks like he's put on about 30lbs, too!


How about Daris,jakob,johnathan,gaige,tyler,bently


The 24-year-old and Jionni LaValle, who are engaged, announced they are expecting a boy in May, and Lorenzo was on her short list of names then. Oooh so the baby is due in 10 months, lol!