TJ Jackson Named Guardian of Michael's Kids; Katherine Jackson on Way to California

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In this edition of How The Jackson World Turns...

TJ Jackson, the nephew of Michael Jackson, has been named by a court as the temporary guardian of MJ's three kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket.

The legal maneuver was necessary because Katherine Jackson - who has served in this capacity for the past three years - has been out of contact with the children for over 10 days now, since a few of her kids took her away to Arizona.

Michael Jackson Kids on X Factor

"This is not a power play by TJ Jackson," L.A. Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff said at an emergency hearing. "This is based on the allegation that Katherine Jackson is being prevented from acting as guardian."

Katherine's attorney was also present and said there's "reason to believe" her client is "being held against her will."

But that is supposedly changing now, as Randy Jackson appeared today on Good Morning America and said his mother is on her way back to California.

It appears as though Randy's scheme - to convince his mom to challenge the authenticity of Michael's will because he's upset it does not name him or any siblings as benefactors - has fallen apart and he is being forced to cave in to public pressure.

Last night, Marlon Jackson broke down during an interview, pleading to learn the whereabouts of his mother.


This whole family need prayers. Paris, Prince and Blanket should be informed when their grandma leave the state for a vacaction or doctor orders. My heart goes out to Michael Jackson's children, they are still dealing with his death.


Katherine was in on this diabolical plot from the beginning, have no doubt about it.
Glad she lost guardianship, sorry but you can't up and leave 3 minor children and remain unavailable like
Why was she posing with Jermaine and Rebbie...because she is in cahoots with them but can't technically challenge the will without getting disinherited. Disgusting that they would traumatise those kids like that.


Is that a wig on KJ's head? Weave? What is that?


Something is fishey?If Marlon is upset and doesnt know where his mom is at?Then why he perform Sunday w his brothers at the Greek.And they got a concert tonight.


The kids TRUST TJ so they feel in their hearts that he will be a good gaurdian for them. Plus having a `back up` would be good since KJ is elderly and just in case something happens to her. (Or her children get ahold of her again)

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