Sean Lowe: Already in Talks to Star as The Bachelor?

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Here's a rumor everyone could've seen coming after Monday night.

After Sean Lowe's surprising elimination from The Bachelorette, the insurance agent and former Texas A&M football player, 28, is already in discussions to be the next Bachelor, according to Hollywood Life and other sources.

“Sean was approached by ABC to be The Bachelor,” says an insider.

Sean Lowe, Emily Maynard

For good reason. As a handsome, smart and family-oriented individual, he would have little trouble attracting viewers - or prospective Bachelorettes.

But does he even want the role? “He’s interested, but not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him on The Bachelor next season,” says a source.

He'll have some competition if he does want it. Roberto Martinez has also been mentioned as a candidate, and this summer's runner-up will be too.

After Emily Maynard picks Arie Luyendyk or Jef Holm - see The Bachelorette spoilers if you want to know who - another strong candidate will emerge.

Would you like to see Sean Lowe as the next Bachelor? Tell us in the comments below, and vote in our dueling surveys regarding Emily's decision ...

Did she make the right move telling Sean go?

Who should she choose on the July 22 finale?


Sean should be the next batchlor--he has it all and he's genuine!


Sean for the next batchelor--he has it all and he's genuine!


I think Sean should be the next batchlor--he has it all and he's geniune!


Sean is the sweetest person and would bring soooo much to the bachelor. People like watching real true individuals on the show like Emily. Sean is gorgeous has great family values please choose him!!!!


I definitely want to see San as The Bachelor. I hope he takes this opportunity. This will be the best season by far. However, if Sean is not cast as The Next Bachelor. I WILL NOT be watching next season. Best Bachelor by far!!


BIG mistake letting Sean go, he has it all. This last episode she will realize that. I think she choses neither because her feelings are for Sean deep down. If I'm wrong bring him on as a the next bachelor.


Sean went to Kansas State University to play football not Texas A&M.


sean SHOULD be the next bachelor! I would watch the show!! he is good looking And a sweet man!


Yes! I hope that Shawn Loew is the next bachelor! I would watch for sure!


Hands down she ABSOLUTELY made a mistake letting Sean Go. They are all good guys but long term with instant fqamily and such huge adjustments and sacrific, it appears that sean IS MOST READY AND SUITABLE. They are all great but the environment truly shadows and has a huge bandaid over real life. but only she knows or will learn. SEAN should Definately be next bachelor.
I know it helpsw for ratings but Roberto has already hads the opportunity and was chosen. I fewlt the same way about Emily. Enough is enough. Its one thing to be brought back as fan favorite but once you have been chosen and or the bachelor someone else deserves at least first shot at love

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