Sarah Silverman Makes Indecent Proposal to Sheldon Adelson

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Mitt Romney is in the midst of an historical fundraising campaign, raking in endorsements and cash from billionaires around the country.

But Sarah Silverman has an idea that might level the playing field for Barack Obama, and it's centered around mega wealthy casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

With that Republican offering to hand $100 million over to Romney, the comedian has made an indecent proposal to Adelson: give the same amount to Obama instead and she will engage in "traditional lesbian sex" with the 78-year old.

Do you how many Republican billionaires are giving money to Romney? Silverman asked in the following video. All of them. How many of them are getting scissored by a bikini-bottomed Jewess with big naturals? How many, Sheldon?

Should Sheldon Adelson give $100 million to Barack Obama?


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id bet dollars to donuts this chick has sucked off the entire cast of planet of the apes on street corner in Compton


Food Banks are stocked from people giving what they have extra. Obama- one more term and you can forget food banks. People give when they prosper, nobody is prospering. An Obama win will lock down or up however you choose all giving to the less fortunate. How much do you really benefit from the government handouts vs. your community serving you? Something to think about.:)


Several billionaires are giving money to both, when foodbanks or homeless would welcome a paycheck.


@cry your wrong.obama and romney same amount of post.miley your rite.chris and rhi depends 50/50.@Tiff,i see what your sayin no positive postin about minorities.


@Tiffani- I have noticed the people who post the most all hate.Miley,Romney,Jessica Simpson they love Chris Brown, Obama, Rhianna .... Yeah tif- that's what ive noticed.


I have notice Brit and Hilton Hater never post anything concerning Romney. You gals never post stories of hispanic or asian celebs beside Jlo. Seems you enjoy engaging wht vs blk.


She has never been funny.


I'd say with her looks she could probably get $25 to $35 for a head job on a good night and maybe up to $50 for a full tour if she showers and brushes her teeth.


ive heard that sarah can insert half of a wiffleball bat inside her vag,i guess she has something in common with all of those skinny white bread porno skanks in that they have the worlds largest/deepest vaginas.,


Sarah Silverman is nothing but a foul mouthed,liberal jew C#NT! She and fellow whorebag Chelsea Handler can screw off

Sarah Silverman Quotes

Thank God for Jimmy, because all the things I don't like about myself are the things that he likes the most. Like my inner-thigh fat. He grabs it and he's like, 'I love this!'

Sarah Silverman [on boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel]

I don't think James is gay or straight. It's just that he literally can't open his eyes enough to see who he's f-cking.

Sarah Silverman
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