Rupert Sanders Apologizes for Kristen Stewart Affair

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Moments after Kristen Stewart issued an apology for cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman has come out with a statement of his own.

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    Oh! Kristen just went wild! She's been my ideal! I've aspired to be like her! After that ... I deleted her photos, movies, biography and interviews! I do not want anything more to know about it!


    Rodey Odam: Ignorant, bigoted, fat and proud of it. Typical American southerner.


    I don't think Sander's is as scummy as Brad Pitt was and seeing so many trying to make Jennifer Aniston look like garbage was just wrong. Sanders and Kristen Stewart behaved like scum, the same as anyone who cheats, married or not. Fact.


    Guest007 you are right Rupert Sanders is a piece of scum and I do hope this ends his career. Media is all about Kristen like the as***** was not in the car, like always is a double standard, I really feel bad for Rob and I hope they work it out.


    Who does this guy think he is? Christian Grey? Going after the 22 year old:) And he's British, just like the book Fifty Shades was written by British E.L.James. No, Kristen, you could not play Anastasia Steel for the movie:)


    Rodney Odom...TF are you even talking about?! What does your brothers being gay, which in fact is not as horrible as your making it out to be and I'm sure your brothers consider YOU the embarrassment because your too much of a neanderthal to appreciate the family you have, have to do with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? So she cheated, that's life. It happens everyday, the only reason it's such a big deal is because she's a movie star.


    They are ment to be rob forgive Kristen we all know what she did was horrible but u 2 are a match made in heaven and no one should ever split u up so plzzzz stay together it was one stupid mistake she is not the only one other people do it so plzzzzz stay together or else or twihards willbe crushed and heart broken (like I am) stay together plzzzzzz I will help apologize sorrrry rob


    Well, i always thought Robert was gay like my brothers, Raymond & Roy. I live in East TN & Im embarassed to have 2 faggots as brothers. I think Rob & Kristen had a fake relationship. Maybe its ok in Hollywood but not everywhere else in the country. My girlfriend is fat like me & at any time we can change that but not being a homo. Raymond cross dresses & hooks up with truck drivers he meets online. I cant imagine! maybe my brothers like Robert, who knows. So, Im sure the rest of the story will come out but I have no respect for homos! My brothers are disgusting.


    From what I have read about this Rupert guy he first took an interest to his wife when she was underage but her brother would not go for it,so he waited a couple of years to make his move...I think he likes very young girls and that he seduced K.S.....He is a dog sniffing around young puppies!!..I hope Robert loves her enough to forgive her,and the have a great life together..I also hope Robert beat the crap out of this cradle robber!


    I feel so bad so robert. How could someone in their right mind cheat on someone like him?

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