Liberty Ross Tweets Fuel Fire of Rupert Sanders & Kristen Stewart Affair

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Did Kristen Stewart cheat on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders?

It's the question all celebrity gossip followers are asking today, following reports by three separate outlets (People, Us Weekly and E! News) that all point to a fling between the Snow White and the Huntsman star and her director.

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross

Now adding fuel to that fire? A few online actions by Liberty Ross, Sanders' 33-year old wife and the mother of his two children.

The model has left two Tweets since the Us Weekly cover hit the Internet, both making it appear as if she's buying into the story.

FIRST, she simply wrote "Wow," a seemingly innocuous word until you dig deeper and the last user Ross followed was none other than Us Weekly.

SECOND, she left the cryptic message: "sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

Ross has since deleted her Twitter account.

Moreover, Ross penned a blog entry earlier this summer about the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman, including with it a photo of herself, Stewart and Charlie Theron.

"Last night was quite a night for me and my family - the worldwide premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman," she wrote at the time. "We have lived and breathed this project every day now for two years, so to release it to the world last night was extremely exciting."

But the posting is now gone.



Wow very sad both cheaters at fault
But sad that she fucked up a maried
Couple ...karma bitch karma on ur nasty ass...


i don't know what's kristen's problem. she almost have everything.... and she just blown it away.
really sad for the kids. the damage was already done. the pain was inflicted already to both parties. CHEATER'S NEVER WINS!


Would she be sorry if she was never caught? This has ruined Twilight for me. I will be going to see Breaking Dawn. @Samantha You are so right. His family are the ones who will suffer the most. My heart goes out to his wife,kids and Rob.


Poor man and woman...


stupid stupid man, hooking up with an ugly girl... Man you have a gorgeous wife! If i were your wife, i'll just give you away to that flirt kristen, you probably deserve each other. And if i were rob i'll leave kristen and give her away to that stupid married man. He doesn't deserve a girl who is broken and doesn't know the meaning of loyalty and fidelity.


yeah people are always "sorry" when they get caught. And yeah she does have a thing for her leading male co-stars.


Its not only kristen whose at fault here rupert should have known better than to cheat on his family.


Poor woman. I feel bad for her and their children. They're the ones that will suffer for it, not Kristen. And @Vicki, have you seen the pictures that were taken? There's no misinterpreting that, especially since both of them have come out and apologized for their actions.


This is just a attention grabber. The Paparazzi are always snapping pictures and misinterpreting what they are snapping. What is see it is doing is getting more people out to see the movie and they'll be more come the time of the last Twilight you just wait and see. If you weren't a fly on the wall then who is to say what was really going on.


Charlie Theron?

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