Robert Pattinson on Fifty Shades of Grey: I Would Lick the Pages!

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Robert Pattinson weighed in on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon today at Comic-Con ... with an obvious reference to the erotic novel's sexiness.

When questioned during the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 panel, he and Kristen Stewart were mum on whether or not they've read the sex-filled bestseller.

If presented with a copy, however, he knows just what he would do.

Robert Pattinson Comic-Con

"I would just sit there and lick the pages," Pattinson said in San Diego, adding, "What are we live on?" realizing his response would gain attention.

Stewart on the other hand, was less upbeat about the topic.

When asked if she reads the novel in a book club with Pattinson and fellow Twilight star Taylor Lautner, she said simply, "That would be disgusting."

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been mentioned as possible leads in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, however unlikely that may seem.

The risque text is loosely based on their Twilight characters; Pattinson and Stewart have also been dating in real life for several years at this point.

While no mention of the pair's off-screen romance came into question today, R-Patt did address the topic of smooching his on- and off-screen love.

"She always just kissed me and I'd always be like ..." Pattinson said, holding up his head and puckering his lips, while referring to winning best kiss with Stewart in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 at the recent MTV Movie Awards.

"I just receive ... I just receive pecks."

Good to know, R-Patt. Good to know.

50 Shades of Grey movie: Will you see it?

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Big fat no to R Patz, since fiance cheating scandal he lost his sex appeal, not his fault but taking her back just makes him seem pathetic and i know i should be praising him for such a good heart. I think Adam Levine(what a man, what a man), he's got the looks, musical talent and does acting also and most definitely convincing as dominate male role; he would nail this role.


Paul Walker for Christian Gray and Emma Stone for Ana Steal


I just think 50 Shades of Grey is just a dirtier version of Twilight, cuz wen i read the back cover of the books its almost the SAME thing.....


OMFG he is so hot! lol i love kellan he the preceft guy to play emmett(my favorite character!) honestly i think he is better looking than robert pattinson ..anyway i love kellan from the interviews i've read about him he seems so much like a big teddy bear. =)


Definitely not to have Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart casted in the movie. I will not watch it. On the other hand I will watch it if Tom Hardy or Channing Tatum were Christian. Also I think Emilia Clarke will be perfect for Ana


Rob pattinson and Kristen Stewart would sell this movie...HANDS DOWN....
would be the best move the casting team makes.
please cast then......


No to Robert Pattinson and definitely know to Kristin Stewart (I don't want to watch entire move with her and her mouth hanging open). I think Matt Bomer for Christian. Maybe Alexis Bledel for Ana??


I would love to see Rob Pattinson play Christian, Rob knows how to play the piano and he sings, I would love to see Emma Watson play Ana (she's not a homewrecker).


No Way!!!!


rob would be perfect as the main character

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