Penn State Hit with Major Sanctions, Joe Paterno Loses All-Time Wins Record

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First, his statue was removed from campus. Now, his name has been removed from the record books.

Following the Jerry Sandusky conviction and the subsequent independent investigation that shed light on just how involved Joe Paterno and Penn State officials were with the cover-up of this monster's sex crimes, the NCAA has come down with a number of punishments.

Among them: the football team must forfeit all victories between 1998-2001, meaning Paterno no longer holds the mark for most victories in Division I history.

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The sanctions imposed against Penn State by the NCAA include:

  • A four-year ban on all postseason play.
  • A reduction in scholarships - 20/season - over the course of those four years.
  • A $60 million fine, which "must be paid into an endowment for external programs preventing child sexual abuse or assisting victims and may not be used to fund such programs at the university," according to a NCAA statement.

Said NCAA President Mark Emmert upon doling out these football-related punishments:

"We cannot look to NCAA history to determine how to handle circumstances so disturbing, shocking and disappointing. As the individuals charged with governing college sports, we have a responsibility to act. These events should serve as a call to every single school and athletics department to take an honest look at its campus environment and eradicate the 'sports are king' mindset that can so dramatically cloud the judgment of educators."


I think the consequences weren't tough enough, but better than nothing. The money that goes toward the victims, hopefully will help them heal and begin to have a normal life.
I wonder, I Joe and school were dishonest to this extent, is there other examples, did all the players earn their degrees honestly, and more importantly, are there cases of the players doing inappropriate
behaviors that too, were hid under the rug?


I thought it was fair Mr.joe chose to sweep things under the rug while that lunatic did as he pleased with those kids for his selfish reasons now although innocent kids have to pay for this but they can still leave and play somewhere else its there choice so to the joe family he still should have came foreward thats the buttom line but it was fair decision.


The players can play somewhere else. That's the point. The entire culture of this scool was about football and money to the detriment of everything else, mainly the lives of the children that were raped there. Remember how thousands of students rallied around Paterno once this news broke? I'll never forget that and it spoke volumes about the culture there. I think they should have cancelled the whole football program for 10 yrs. The good players will always play. Let them do it somewhere else.


How about all the players that had nothing to do w/ this that appear to now be screwed by this ruling. Yes, paterno & the school should have sanctions, etc. but not if they affect the players. They could've done this better, imho.


what about their salaries hit them where it really hurts




Good! Too bad everyone did not know what Paterno and his cronies covered up while he was alive. Paterno made million off the Penn State football program. He was no saint - it was all about the $$$. Glad his name is now disgraced.


Now that is taking it too far. He messed up big time but it was Snadusky who did it. Yes he made a mistake by not telling but let the man rest in peace. He worked damn hard and deserved all of his accomplishments. The world will not let Penn State will not recover from this and its sad.