Madonna Points Gun to Head on Stage in London

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Madonna. Is she a revolutionary, provocative entertainer? Or an aging act desperate for attention?

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    - LOL! I so understand the oufitt choices. My 5yo son chooses all his own. Usually he's pretty good. But there are those times of 2 different plaids and other such combinations. Very cute swing pic! Love the color.


    OMG--She should have done one more perfect one, after the slips from the games, and called it a day... She looks nice for her age,, she used to be good,, please Madonna, dont embarrass yourself anymore,, One good one and go with Rod Stewart and do the nice songs that show your beautiful voice,, go now, HOney, really!! Love


    So she pointed a gun to her head… is that worse, or sending a crazier message than killing your own mother like Eminem did in his video… oh, that's different cause he's a man and under 50! What a set of ageist losers so many of you are!

    It's a wrong message no matter who the artist is, or AT ANY AGE!!!!!!!!!


    Think she went a little toooo far.


    Madonna, I've loved your music since the 80's, but this antic is too much. In a society where youngsters are quick to turn to guns and violence, this move was ill-advised.


    In the beginning these acts were okay, interesting.. they pushed the boundaries n whatnot..but now? It's time for her to grow up. She needs to stop acting like she's some 20 year old. She's coming off as starved for attention. I think it's a bit much. The way she acts, dresses.. all of it. I'll give the woman this, she looks GREAT for her age, yes, absolutely.. but her behaviour and her exhibitionist behaviour, is over the top and she needs to lay off now. She's not gaining points with me, I just find it pathetic now.


    Madonna has always been controversial,this is nothing new.Obviously it still works and she's still getting attention for it.She's a billionaire,she knows what she's doing,and it works.She looks amazing,works hard,has continued to put out great songs,awesome live shows,and has stayed relevant for 30 years.I've been a fan since she started and my teen daughters are also fans.


    That whack-job DIVA FROM HELL Madonna is her age, looks her age and (most of all) acts like an overgrown teenage girl. LAME-ASS BITCH!!!!!


    This is nothing new for the Material 1992 there was a backlash regarding her sex book! I do not think it is smart....what she is doing...but if anybody can handle controversy....It Would be Madonna!


    Damn what is her deal? She's trying way too hard. I definitely think she's trying to stay in the game with all these other young singers. And she doesn't need to do this she's freaking Madonna.

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