James Holmes Appears in Court, Exhibits Bizarre Behavior

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James Holmes appeared in court for the first time today, and both video accounts and witness accounts confirm that the alleged Aurora, Colorado shooter exhibited extremely unusual behavior while listening to a judge charge him with first degree murder.

James Holmes in Court

As you can see, the 24-year old donned organ hair and a red jumpsuit, sitting alongside his lawyer and shifting between wide open eyes and shut eyes. At various time, it appeared as if he had fallen asleep.

Holmes remained silent for the duration of the hearing, as the judge informed this suspect that he would be held without bail and forbidden from contacting the families of his 12 victims.

Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers spoke briefly with reporters after the courtroom session and said it's unknown at the moment whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Holmes. His trial is expected to begin in the summer of 2013.

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Hi Ben, Im not being disrespectful. Im merely trying to give over a point to where this world is going to. Yes I follow what happens because its our lives that are being affected by everything. The news and courts should stop making a big complicated story about it and get their facts straight by keeping it simple and give justice to those that are doing unlawful things. About the Presidents? Well it's up to you what you think. Saying Im ill for taking interest in what is going on in our lives...? Sorry if I offended you but that's how I feel until things change. Hope you understand my arguement.


BTW Tm8, my handle is "WVPeach", not D-lister. Just an fyi....


@Tm8: people living in glass houses should not throw stones. I'm immature? Look back at your childish retorts to my posts. You took my opinion of mental illness as unreal; my point was to merely discuss schizophrenia. I'm not trying to give Holmes a pass, but no sane person does this type of thing! Civil adult conversations on this site seem pointless.


holmes is a sick person for kiling those people an hurting them innocent people fuck all those who stand by his got dam side they must b crazy there dam self. should it matter what movie was playing when that to them people he is a asshole.this red head motherfucker should get the death penalty quickly as possible


He will either be sent to prison for life or sent to a mental facility for life if he gets off on being insane(which I doubt. Either way he will never walk the streets again.


I'm a woman, and you are highly immature. And to the poster that said if people don't live within the radius of the killing that we must not care, absurd.


Leave him alone. If this wouldve happened during any other movie nobody would care....I wish everybody would stop calling this a tragedy...when the truth is if you dont live in or around Colorado you could careless...most ppl are laughing right before saying damn dats fukd up.....so everybody stop with the fake your heart goes out to the family bs.....because u really dont care.....


I think he should be treated like his victims were...an eye for an eye! I don't buy that mental illness BS..he was obviously well aware of what he was doing at the time. NO MERCY!


@Tm8: You're just another waste of time; can you conceptualize anything? What a stupid dick you are. Just leave me alone.


@D-lister. Okayyy, Fruit Loop. Maybe YOU shouldnt be talking about other people "being whacked out"... Lol wow