Anderson Cooper Thanks Supporters for Well Wishes

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It may be the Fourth of July, and not Thanksgiving, but Anderson Cooper is in an appreciative mood.

The announcement that this CNN anchor is gay was met by a horde of fans and celebrities sending their best wishes and congratulations to the reporter, all recognizing his bravery and well-reasoned statement explaining why he seemed to take so long to exit the closet.

Anderson Cooper Close Up

Now, while he continues to travel the globe and do his job as a journalist, Cooper has taken a moment to thank those who have reached out.

"I appreciate all the nice tweets," he Tweeted yesterday. "I am in Botswana working but want to wish everyone a great 4th of July!"

We wish the very same to you, Anderson, and to every single one of our readers!


@ blubird , you are correct tm8 has a deep pocket, ass throbs continuous. he is anyone's punk. he sells his fudge daily.


You must be a fag- hag too.
One day you'll be happy
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Kemzy- I hope you aren't living in our country then.


@ Lolly Pops- You're So Welcome!! @Anderson Cooper- Much Love and Support to Him!


America is such a messed up country if u guys celebrate homosexualiTy and call it bravery. U cannot change the order of nature as man was made for woman no matter how hard u try. I am from Africa and I follow closely ur news headlines. I am not surprised that other countries see america as a country without culture and values.


Disgusted in the previous comments. This is america, be thankful for our freedoms, incuding those of a gay man! He's human, he bleeds red like the rest of us, and he's a genuine stand up citizen; no matter his views, politics, or sexual preference. Shame on u!


If sexual preference didn't matter no one would say anything about it. Saying this 'hurts' the country is absurd. Some say onlywhen all are accepted will the world would change. Hwoever, there are many raised to think there's only 1 way & are so miserable they must (try to) make others miserable,too. Step on someone's toes & then blaming them for your problems doesn't work.


He is not brave for being a dicklicker! Bane of society and perpetuates the deterioration of this country!!


Anderson is a fag name- he liked to try on his Mom's clothes and now he's a pillow-biter---surprise SuRpriSe. FAG


@Roman Candle It's the sign of the times! You can't live under the radical liberal regime we do today and not have to endure the challenge to one's values. It comes with the territory. Btw, I would refrain from the roman candle idea! A colostomy would probably render better health advantages, not to mention, a whole lot safer! Your expressed idea conjures images of you--draggin' your patootie behind you! Ouch! Enjoy the fireworks though in the traditional manner. I know I'm lookin' forward to tonight! I bought a big firework called, "Vengeful Texan"...complete with the Alamo outlined on it! Was drawn to buying it for obvious reasons. :)

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