Celebrities Tweet Congratulations to Anderson Cooper

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In a thoughtful, well-reasoned statement, Anderson Cooper came out as a proud gay man today, saying:

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    @Moses. Why bother to do that? We know Obama's a lyin' cheat not to mention the most radical Socialist leader in the White House thus far. Nahhh, no matter how many newscasters come out show their frilly panties to the public? It would never be enough to waste a vote on a POTUS poised to bring down this country completely!


    Now go get your conservative friends to flip flop and vote Obama.Flip flop flip flop.


    @ Eyes- HAHAHAHA! hey well all have to sacrifice.


    Just for clarity--I meant "tallywhacker", my bad! Ha!


    Okay, guys, I think "A True Patriot" is pullin' all the stoppers out here! I think we should take him seriously realizing this dude is tryin' his best to meet those of the "Light-in-Your-Loafers" crowd half way. Just consider alone what he's willing to tie to his tallwhacker, throwin' caution to the wind, and maybe leaving himself permanently disabled in the southern hemisphere! ALL to gain some peace 'n harmony on this issue. Don't take this offer lightly!
    PS Besides, I hear he whistles on key and with patriotic gusto. That alone should be worth it! (With a little coaxing? "Patriot" may even take requests to whistle with glee!):)


    At the risk of sounding desperate, I'm willing to meet you obnoxious bunch of sum bitches half way. If we can bring this-year long gay coming out celebration to a close this is what I'm willing to do. I will walk the freaking streets of Greenwich village in a Red White & Blue Thong with a Star in the crack of my ass, Kiss Elton John on the mouth (no tongue) if it will bring closure to this bullshit.

    Just 2 show you persistent sidewalk sissys my heart is in the right place I will retrace the footsteps of Rocky up the steps of the Museum of Arts in Philly, tie Cat Chasers, Bottle Rockets, Bung Holes, Screaming Kitty Chasers and Nipsy Dassers to my Balls and light the fuse as I whistle Yankee fuckin Doddle Dandy? That's my last offer.


    @Anthony H.: Yeah, the glamorization of this topic is bizarre! This is the day before "The 4th". Let's focus on those who have given their lives and sustained serious injuries and handicaps to keep this nation free so that all the drag queens, fags and trannies can prance, swish, and 'flame' to their heart's content...oh yes, and wildly celebrate every "outing" that the media chooses to focus upon here and elsewhere!


    I am so sick of people glamorizing this gay topic. they treat coming out as if they are returning home from war. for a group of people claiming its such a burden lifted off their shoulders they certainly look as if they were holding up well before hand. drama goes with the homo lifestyle or so it seems.


    As long as this is put out you will continue to get these responses. U feel strong, everybody else feels strong. dont bring the lord into this to lay guilt. besides we know what the bible says. try and look in the mirror. gay life is not in the flow of natural life. we are sick of u being put on a pedestal.


    It’s funny how people think, If you go back and read the responses to this thing you will be disgusted. I mean it’s weird because people are saying how sinful it is to be gay and everything, but they are ridiculing, judging and using profanity will referring to what the lord thinks is right. And to actually compare homosexuality to polygamy, incest, or pedophilia, that’s a far and sick stretch. Could it be that you personally are one of the three and is looking for acceptance to come out with your truth. At the end the lord wants peace and love, let him handle the rest.

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