Stephanie Rice, Olympic Swimmer, Upsets Fans with Bikini-Based Twit Pic

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A month before making literal waves in a London swimming pool at the 2012 Olympics, Australian Stephanie Rice is making figurative ones for a photo she recently posted on Twitter.

The three-time gold medalist snapped a shot of herself in a bikini this week, showing off both her body and a birthday gift from designer Ellie Gonsalves. Simple and harmless, right? Not to some of Rice's followers.

Stephanie Rice Twit Pic

"i feel that stephanie rice posting a photo of herself in swimwear has brought disgrace to the australian swim team and she should be dropped," wrote one Twitter user, presumably taking issue with Rice for... okay, we have no idea.

Showing more skin here than she does while donning official Olympic attire? The nerve!

Rice is no stranger to somewhat racy Twitter photos, as evidenced by this picture of herself as a police officer.

She was also once rumored to be dating Michael Phelps, which would be less scandalous than perfectly understandable from both points of view.

So, in conclusion: Team Stephanie Rice in a Bikini!

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I would so dive into her lane 8 !!


But I'll sure show my daughter that as an example of what to do when you are a success! Women today are sickening and remember, she didn't even make as much as a prostitute because she advertised her sex parts FOR FREE! Pure genius, honey!


Hmmm, so as an Olympic athlete the most important thing I can think to do is to expose as much of my pubic bone as possible and my camel toe? It's disgusting.


All the parts that need to be covered are covered, and you can't even see her face. It's not a great looking suit on her body type, but indecent? exposed? I don't think so. Somebody always has something negative to say.


Leave her alone. She's wearing more than the 4 boys in the "official" marketing shot. They are all wearing teeny tiny speedos on front page of national papers and nobody commented


That's not a's just some fabric barely covering certain areas. I own a bikini - and it certainly has enough fabric to fully cover my parts. Sorry to say but it looks tacky as hell! Does the designer specialize in stripper outfits and adult costumes?


These mirror self-shots are so annoying. Nothing says I love me better than this stupid practice. And no I'm not ugly or fat....


please you people get a life she looks great and all women weare them i dont see the proplem too many of you out of work with nothing better to do


ppl who complain about such a normal looking bikini must be fat lol


Love that camel toe!!!

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