Seth MacFarlane Defends Jewish-Based Emmy Campaign

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Seth MacFarlane has a message for those who take issue with his show's unusual Emmy Award campaign, which includes a flier that pushes for Family Guy with the following lines: "Come on, you bloated, overprivileged Brentwood Jews. Let us into your little club."


Family Guy Mailer

Comparing the joke to Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes, the series creator told E! News:

"Hollywood is a town of very well-to-do folks who live very comfortably. They have a very comfortable lifestyle, they do what they love, there's not much that is bad in their life. So they should be able to laugh at themselves. If they can't, it's a rather sad thing."

And, as countless Family Guy quotes have made clear over the years, the sitcom isn't above poking fun at everyone and everything.

What do you think of the above poster? Does it go too far?


I agree with the comment about taking the 'offense' out of offensive words. The whole point seems to be to diffuse loaded words and stereotypes by putting it all out in the open. They thrive on tackling taboo topics. Family Guy teaches people to not take themselves too seriously. Awesome show!


I don't watch cartoons. Do they ever use the 'N' word, or do they put down everyone, but? Just curious.


I LOVE Family Guy, also...LOL!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, F.G. very cleverly makes fun of people from all walks of life. And, by the way, my all-time FAVORITE F.G. character is Brian. Again...LOL!!!!! Peace.


I love Family Guy. I know this sounds stupid, but even though they say things that would be highly offensive in the real world and in normal conversation, the fact that it's a cartoon and they make fun of every single type of person takes the offense out of it. They've made fun of Jews, Muslims, black people, Irish people, Latino people, British people, people who live in the south, disabled people, people with eating disorders, fat people, gays, lesbians, old people, conservatives, liberals....basically everybody. There's basically no taboo for that show.