Presenting: Guess the Celebrity Tattoo!

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One celebrity has a very straightforward message for the world to read.

Or at least those insider his/her lower lip to read:

Suck It Tattoo

So, who got such an unusual tattoo? Follow the jump for the answer...


Are you really all that surprised?

The eccentric singer shared the new ink on Twitter last night and we'd say we're shocked... but this is Ke$ha. She's the same woman who also once Tweeted a photo of herself peeing.

What do you think of the tat?

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Shouldn't that be $uck It?


Actually, it doesn't hurt much. I got a tat on my lip about 5 or 6 years ago. It bled a lot lol, but wasn't too painful.


how much does it cost


Could not imagine how much that must of hurt. What is wrong with people today having to get tattoos everywhere?!?! Does it make you feel more of a person? I'm sure your grandchildren in 50 years time wont be as thrilled to see your disgusting saggy skin, all deformed & yuk




suck what? her dick?