Miley Cyrus Wedding: Not Going Down This Weekend

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Miley Cyrus loves being a fiancee. But she isn't ready to be a bride just yet, despite a mysterious Tweet posted over the weekend.

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    miley cyrus is a ho and gets on my nerves i hate her!


    Cyrus is pretty & i love her music so pls let her be


    @Meegan: I'm not in love with her. I, unlike you, see how prudish and insane it is to hate on someone just for skin-baring and for taking on provocative roles in a music video, a movie, etc. But you wouldn't get that because you (like most of the haters) seem to think sexuality and the human body are evil. That's what makes you idiots.


    STOP BEING MEAN I love her and I always will she rocks and she is soooooo pretty I love her so much u do not understand how much I love her SHE ROCKS


    how could you talk like this to Lisa..
    go and give your blow job to knife




    awwwwwwwwww blaize cant stand the truth? or screw miley if your soooooooooooo in luv with her. maybe together u two can rule the world. :P likewise.


    Im actually not christian of muslim. IM A MUTHA FUCKIN HUMAN. I believe in god. But I dont believe in organzied relgion. SO BACK THE FUCK OFF. And since u love miley why dont you go worship her. is she that great??


    @lisa: you have no proof that she's a bitch and you have no proof that she lies any more than the average person. Unless she is having sex with people for money, she isn't a whore. There's no evidence that proves that she's sleeping around or hooking up with somebody's husband either.

    The haters are just narrow-minded prudes who think sexuality is bad. Have fun with your repression and celibacy. "Oh, if a woman is sexual she's a slut." Idiots brainwashed by the Christians and the Muslims.

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