Mary Cheney and Heather Poe: Married!

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Mary Cheney, the openly gay daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, married her longtime partner Heather Poe earlier today.

Cheney spokeswoman Kara Ahern confirmed the nuptials.

“Our daughter Mary and her long time partner, Heather Poe, were married today in Washington, DC,” the Cheneys said in a statement.

Mary Cheney

Mary (left) and Heather "have been in a committed relationship for many years, and we are all delighted that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have that relationship recognized,” Dick and his wife Lynne added.

“Mary and Heather and their children are very important and much loved members of our family and we wish them every happiness.”

As V.P., Dick Cheney regularly broke ranks with the Republican party and president George W. Bush with his support of same-sex marriage.

Poe and Mary Cheney have two children: Cheney gave birth to their son in 2007, and their daughter in 2009. They live together in Virginia.

Congratulations to the whole family!

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@Wyatt Yeah, there's some unimaginative loser on site who enjoys stealing usernames for his/her own nefarious out for "j"..maybe "Tim" for the article: Just more of the same stuff exemplifying a lifestyle that a majority of Americans simply don't. Let's face it the vast majority of states in this country have voted down same-sex marriage laws. Should be speaking volumes to the rest...instead, the gays are all obsessed with calling the great majority "homophobic", ha! Like we really care and it bothers us...NOOOTTTT!!!!


my concern is what damage is being done to children when they see two same sex parents hugging,kissing in front of them the way a mother and father do. i find it disgusting!!! if both my parents were female,or both male,i would be so embarrassed to see that and would never bring anyone home. it is not normal;it is abnormal


Mary Cheney is a sel-loathing lesbian. She has openly supported anti-gay legislature/candidates. This is absolute and utter hypocrisy. These two should utterly ashamed of themselves!


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Congratulations! Many more years of happiness together. I always had a few issues with Mr. Cheney, but, they were 'political' only. I admired him and his family for not backing down in support of gay rights, and most especially support for his daughter her partner, and their family. Thank you, Mr. Cheney . And, once again, congratulations. I, too, have been with my 'wife' for over 20 years, however, we will not marry until it is federally legal. Take good care of each other.