Lourdes Leon Wears Cone Bra Just Like Madonna

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Playing dress-up takes on new meaning when your mom is Madonna.

Her eldest child Lourdes Leon, 15, had some fun backstage at mom's MDNA tour wearing the Material Girl's cone bra! Lourdes and Madonna's Material Girl clothing line tweeted a photo of "Lola backstage at MDNA!" Wednesday.

Check out mother and daughter in the infamous garb:

Madonna and Lourdes

While Lourdes is well on her way toward adulthood, and the above photo is harmless, the singer has expressed concerned that she's growing up too fast.

Lola was recently seen in some revealing bikini photos, and more scandalously, was also caught puffing on a cigarette in the streets of New York City.

"Cigarette smoking I'm not very fond of, for anyone. I don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter," Madonna told NBC.

What do you think of the cone bra pic? Too much?

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I almost went to the same school she goes to now, I really wanted to until I heard she was there (I still want to but definitely not because to her!) Instead I go to another school close to Long Island that specializes in dance. I wanted to go to the same school she goes to now because it doesn't just specialize in dance, but the other arts...:/(enough about my wishes!) Lourdes really needs to clean herself up, she looks like a mess in this photo! Hope she realizes that.


She abandoned her family, never call's, shows up to any of their reunions or anything my fiance's family had to take care of her aunt rose instead of her, she could have hired people to do that instead of hos family taking time off of work and what not. Shes trash, and looks like her daughter is on the same path. Im glad she disowned her family. I never want to be related to that woman.


It cracks me up when 'Madonna ' states that she has to be much more firmer with her kids 'REALLY!!! she should start by being much more firmer with her behavior--she has all the fame she needs and will continue having it til the end - if being more firmer means taking your daughter on tour and letting her see that her 53 year old mom -still thinks that she needs to shouck people by showing her breast and then putting down her pants and showing her butt and then making believe like she was masturbating on stage -is what she calls being much more observant and firmer with your child ???then someones confused and surely needs to go to parenting class for the longest and at the same time needs a 'SHRINK!!! I so swear - NOT EVEN FUNNY , just - PATHETIC!!!


She's well on her way to be a big whore just like her mother - how sad.