Kim Kardashian: Life is Good!

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Don't be fooled by the red carpet appearances with Kanye West... or the revealing magazine covers... or the fact that she gave the following interview while hosting a pool party in Las Vegas.

Kim Kardashian swears she's all about maintaining her privacy these days!

Kim Kardashian at the Hard Rock

"I've kind of tried to adjust my life to have a little more private life," Kardashian told People, A NATIONAL MAGAZINE, over the weekend. "My life is very public and so I get that, but if you can choose to have a little bit of a private life I would choose that over other things now, where I probably wouldn't have before."

While Kim didn't mention West, nor any of the rumors that they may move in together, she did tell the publication that she's doing better than ever.

"Life is good," she said. "I'm super relaxed."

And annoying, she forget to add. Super, super, super annoying.



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Kim Kardashian: Life is Good!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
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Shes trying to go private to slide into the beyonce circle...
Unfortunately kim, you and beyonce are on two completely different platforms...
Take the hint.. She does not want to be seen with you,
The more you beg, the more pathetic you look.
Keep it up though, im quite entertains. ( sips coffee)


Kim do ur thing...haters kiss her ass....i'am in luv with the kardashians....


I luv kim so much and jst want her 2 live a gudlife nt mindin haters!


That has disease written all over it inside and out. Yuck


Her makeup look so terrible in this picture! Her lips look REALLY BAD too!


Haterz!!!! To the extreme!!! Im glad to read sum ppl feel da way i do. Kim k is jus tryna live life n n im pretty sure she can care less to wut ppl think bout her. If u dnt like her. Dnt open up her pages haha!! Simple as that! Luv ya kim k


Dunno y people dnt mind their business,y hating her and reading things about her!if you dnt like her leave the fuck outta her,can't choose hw she's gonna live her life fr her,if your perfect keep on dnt disturb others.


Then WHY do YOU keep giving her promotion on your site????


so sex lll cutie give it all to kanye


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