Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Kohabitate?!?

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The next time Kim Kardashian gets wet and wild, will she have Kanye West to dry her off? In a bathroom the couple shares together?!?

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    I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
    Check it out here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape uncut

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Kohabitate?!?
    Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
    You are welcome)


    so nice pix


    I cant stop laughing @ ur comments. Even d one dat called somone latin hi lol. I dont c anytin bad in kim datin kayne. We all have our bad sides y is kims own so irritating to all of una eh. Wats dat sef, kim is ma machine girl n i wouldnt miss her episodes unless am in d hospital taking kia of ma patients. U guys have fucked many men but cux ur not a celeb no one has noticed u. Leave kim alone ma friends.


    Will you all shut the hell up and stop trying to run others lifes. Everybody that's read this and make stuip comments don't believe in what God say Judge Not And You Will Not. Let the man do his job and focus, on what you can change by voting the standard makers out of office and get this country back on track. Lists of things you can text about, food stamps to non citizen, low income housing, children continue to come in the world and your and my pay check continue to pick the tap. While they buy big charts of foods you worry about who is fucking please get real. They said the Hispanic race has grow by million since 2011 folks that's alot of babies we is picking the tap for. Your other race has slow down open your eyes leave the B.S along


    I prefer KK with kanye bc he seniors her at least.humpris was very young for her though quite gentle and handsome.sincerely I pray they make it but am doubting too many things.things KK needs a more senior and quiet matured guy not Kanye


    well being in the movie business lets not compare kims looks to liz, kim is average with tons of makeup and her bottom lip hangs however the only thing liz and kim had in common is that neither one of them has any morals they have no morals and kim has no talent she will never make it as a movie star she is boring and i bet her father is rolling over in his grave !!!!so sad some people wlll do anything to make money


    I seen Kim is renting out her vagina again. This time to Kanye. It figures. I really don't think she wants a long time tenant, less money that way. Do the math. Short time rentals with the a steep deposit for damages is infinitely more profitable than a longer term lease which would obviously exceed the expriation date of her looks, meaning that she would see a steep decline in the rent she could charge the next prospective renter or leasee for either long or short term occupancy. So in my estimation based on cultural history, she is aiming at the correct demographic group for her tenancy.


    Makes me want to VOMIT!! They are a DISGRACE!! I HOPE THEY GET MARRIED, & THEN WATCH THEM F**KIN' FALL APART & DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Stil sounds like jelousy to me!!! Haterz!


    Dont you all got beta things to do than worry sbout other peoples business!
    Like so what if kim is movin in with kanye !
    Wheather or not there relationship is real !
    And if it is its all our faults !
    We're spending more time worrying about lives than our own ! The only reason people make up fake relationships and spread rumours is to get our attention and they are so by reading this , having an opinion and commenting (wheather its a good comment or bad) there winning!

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