Khloe Kardashian Talks Pressures of Marriage, Scott Disick

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You may not know it by all the headlines today, but Oprah Winfrey talked with more than just Kim Kardashian last night in the talk show host's desperate ratings grab.

The formerly respectable television personality also sat down with Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, the former of whom went into detail about the pressures of marriage.

"I'm not someone who's easily influenced by the public," Khloe said. "This is my marriage, this is my real life. I feel the pressure from me, from myself, to be a great wife."

As for Khloe's take on Scott Disick? Watch the following video excerpt:


...really? This family has decided to put their life out there for everyone to know their personal life, what they do, weddings, work, their naked bodies, and we even know what Kim looks like and does in bed. We don't know them? No, not from meeting and shaking hands, but the way they display everything in their life they aren't strangers we know nothing about. This is what they ask for, to be hated. Why? Because they don't have much to like them for as it is, so they pull these stunts (sex tape, fake marriage,, ect.) to get media attention all to make more money. They do nothing but pose half naked\naked and make up stories about their own self to make money. Their mother is the one exploiting them the most. Id say Bruce is the most sane, but he is married to Kris..


I could go off on a profanity laced rant on how these manufactured celebrities add nothing what so ever to the entertainment of the non brain dead. I'll just say: shame on Oprah.


Why are so many people against them? If you don't like them don't watch or read things about them. Journalist interview murderers and politicians, but it doesn't seem to affect their standing. Oprah admitted never watching their show, but wanted to know why people loved them so much or hated them. It bothers me that so many people think its okay to degrade someone they don't know. How would you feel if complete strangers said mean hatteful things about them...better yet their family? We live in a mean and hateful world and that's just SAD. My mother used to tell me if I didn't have anything good to say keep my mouth closed. Maybe people should try that when bashing the Kardashians or anyone else (especially people you DON'T know) for that matter!!!


Who is watching this Oprah crap? Nothing but trash with the Kartrashian's!!


No, a.h. is right! Using kims sex tape and her children to make money for herself, as others call it "pimpin her kids", she deserves mother of the year award! They are most positive people on tv! They show you that all you got to do is make sex tape and get half naked to be famous! Right.....


A.H, are you mentally handicapped?


I wish everyone would leave the Kz alone!!!!! What is so bad about them? They are positive, funny, they enjoy life, and have a close relationship as a family. Chris is a rolemodel of how a working mom wants to support their children and make sure that they r all self sufficient and productive. Stop hatin!!! Ok plus they r gorgeous. Im waiting on the Kim K barbiedoll


Don't know why people keep airing them,they aren't news!!!! And wouldn't know them except their dad defended O J Simpson,which case Kris up the name in their divorce,,ran with it to make millions.I would be embarassed to have her.for a mom,if they co host anything,I won't watch.that show. And only reason they're on today show is because Kathy Lee is kim's Godmother.


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