Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie: Whose Leg Pose is Hotter?

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Both of these women are uber-successful, absolutely gorgeous, and have lived with Brad Pitt for years, but as the old saying goes, there can be only winner of an Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston awkward red carpet leg-thrust pose-off.

Last week, the Wanderlust star was spotted showing some leg, much like nemesis Ange at the Oscars. Jolie went dark and sexy in black, while Jen was angelic and fresh in white ... somehow seems appropriate, wouldn't you say?

The crucial question: How does Jen's pose - in a Burberry gown with a cut-out back and a thigh-high slit - compare to Angelina's (in a black Altelier Versace gown)? Vote on which actress struck the hotter pose in our Fashion Face-Off below!

Fashion Face-Off!

Angelina vs. Jennifer: Whose recent red carpet leg thrust pose is hottest? Vote in our survey and decide! View Poll »

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SHAME on you all of you people who has nothing to do than wasting time. What you have in your brain are ratten and burb so smelly. You didnt even wash your secret part in your body and here you are creating a fihgt. Angie and Annie are freinds now not like before. I am one of thier dear friend hello???????

@ jude

OKAYYYY!!! Go do your homework now little girl..


angies legs are skinny and have bad shape


she good!!!!!!


Jenny is my aunt.Angie did not take Brad. The marriage was over before he met her.Jenny is friends with them.


OMG! look whose calling the kettle black!! Were you talking about the witch with a capital "B" of angelina being a homewrecker? You must have been. . . how many times has she been married and how many marriages has she broken? You had to had been talking about the "B" of angelina. Great mother? Great partner. . .if she was so great why has she been married and divorced so many times? Intelligent? If she was so intelligent, why doesn't she use it? Humanitarian? I think she only does it for the publicity.


aj is natural beauty.ja is fake tan.and where my aunt works ja got nose job and minor face tuck few yrs back.i think natural beauty should always be winner.


Both women are beautiful. But when it comes to curves, without a doubt, Jennifer. She fills the dress out beautifully, and doesn't need a pushup bra to hold the dress up. Her legs are toned and has thighs. Every bit a real woman like Sofia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Jane fonda, and many more curvey full women. It's good to see. Well done Jennifer, dress is beautiful and you fill it out beautifully.


I DON'T like Angelina. Selfish, smug, cheater, and he's still going to marry HER. Poor Brad.


Did Angelina adopt the Addams family as well ?. LURCH had THING (the hand )
But, ANGELINA has ' LEG !', which apparentlly comes in various shapes,colours, density,
And dexterity.
Jen is all that is good, MOTHER THERSA watch this space.
MARMITE the dog, is a big fan


@Grace Are you smoking something? Jen is so much better then that MAN STEALING BROTHER KISSING LESBIAN HOMEWRECKING DRUGGIE WHORE! Jens movies are great and I love everyone of them. Why is Jen the bad person when Jolie stole Brad anyways?