Jacob Anthonisen, Lindsay Lohan Pal, Implicated in Murder Investigation

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Jacob Anthonisen, an art dealer and friend of Lindsay Lohan and other stars, is currently being sought in a murder investigation, according to Radar Online.


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    Candace..I'm sorry for your loss. I know you are hurting but you sound so evil and spiteful dating the things about Jacob that you did. People that knew them both knew they were best of friends and Jacob would never hurt him. If we weren't there we shouldn't make accusations ... They both were not angels. Again sorry for your loss but there is someone else still missing and nobody knows if he is alive or dead. I will pray for the darkness you are putting out AMD. I cant believe you would even talk like that.


    Any new news on this story? They find Jacob?


    and no my son is not black he is all white white mom and white dad


    to the person who said he got what he deserved i hope you die cause yuou are a asshole he was my son and didnt deserve to be mudered. he had a full time job and starting his own wood shop. you don't know what the hell you are talking about. its a shame they let just anyone post whatever. if jacob is responsable step brother or not i hope he dies to or rotsd in jail forever. steven simmons mom


    that punk got what was coming to him. it doesn't pay to be a criminal


    I hope your okay Jacob, you wouldn't hurt a bug, I ❤u


    (Cont) comments is mostly about this guy being Lilo's friend (this probably being bc of her past, a lot of ppl have said this makes her look bad). If this was a news show or site such as cnn, nancy grace, ect. Then is would be focused more on the rreal problem and tragedy behind this. But because this is a celeb gossip website, that's not the case here. But, sorry for your loss and hope they figure out what happened and who did this.


    @ Candance, you are right, I to am sorry for your loss and pray that God brings you peace.


    how bout we try to focus on the fact that my son steven was killed and they haven't found who did it. i could care less about all you people and your gossip and comments on jacob. try focusing on the real trajedy, like my son my son who was killed.


    Amy and Heather, I agree. There were some other `friends` named but honestly I didnt recognize any of them. And just because you occasionally `run with` someone doesnt mean your their bestest friend!

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