Emily Maynard Slams Kalon McMahon, Won't Watch Bachelor Pad

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Emily Maynard is clearly still bitter at Kalon McMahon, who she kicked off The Bachelorette this week. Knowing he's in the Bachelor Pad 3 cast, she won't watch it.

McMahon, 27, will compete against previous Bachelor and Bachelorette stars like Erica Rose, Lindzi Cox, Ed Swiderski and Season 2 winner Michael Stagliano.

Maynard won't be tuning in to watch them battle each other and fans for the $250,000 prize, she announced via Twitter Thursday. Her reasoning for that?

"The fact Kalon will ever be on any TV [show] again makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with dull pencils," the single mom explained. "Too much?"

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Maynard sent Kalon packing Monday after Doug Clerget informed her that he had been badmouthing her and worse, her daughter Ricki, as "baggage."

"I want to go out there and rip his limbs off and beat him with them," Maynard seethed, adding, "I just wanna go West Virginia, hood rat, backwoods on his ass."

And so she did. It was awesome.

Eight guys remain in the hunt this season, which concludes July 16. The Bachelorette spoilers (and ABC's previews) strongly hint at who her final three are.

Is Emily Maynard engaged? Reports this week suggest so, but at this point, it's not confirmed. All we know is that there are three clear frontrunners now.

Who should she choose? Vote below!


Steve Overlin - Emily, you are so beautiful-outwardly and inlwrday. It has been so much fun to watch you grow from a little girl into a beautiful and Godly woman. It is still fun to be at least a small part of your life and to be able to anticipate God's Word's, that He knows His plans for you, and they are for good!


girlsRcool Oh please get a grip! Emily is being a big baby about Kalon on BP. She should concentrate on being a mom and keep whatever dignity she has left and let it go.


Emily has nannies, and Kalon comes from the same type of background financially as Ricki's father, he is an heir, like Jef, on the show.


Good for her for calling him out. Obviously the negative comments below came from females who are not mothers or who are jealous of her. If others choose not to make the most out of what god gave you, take the time to make an effort, you might be happier with yourself!


Sorry Emily but your latest hissy fit towards Kalon is a BIG turn off. Ok good on you that you chewed his arrogant backside but this does not have anything to do with you or Ricki. Stop being such a drama queen!


Get over yourself, Emily! Just because you think little Ricki is coolest kid ever doesn't mean everyone else has to think that too. Kalon calling her baggage was out of line, but rise above it and move on. Posting stupid comments on Twitter just shows immaturity!


Kalon is a snob, rude, and obnoxious.Emily will bite anyone that bad mouth her beloved daughter. I do not blame her for being angry. Ricky is not a baggage. She is an heirs. Her grand parents are millionaire and Ricky is a miracle and a blessing from God because her father was killed in a plane crashed before she was born. They are both taking care of financially, besides that, Emily also came from a very wealthy family. Kalon comment was so insensitive. Clearly he only wanted to be on Tv to be seen and to have free trips. He is a bad seed.


In my honest opinion, this woman should go to college and educate herself and get a nanny for lil ricky tick and get a real job. sadly, she has no talent or skills to act, sing, or dance as seen on the bachelor. ricky should not be subject to this. shes not a good woman but obviously a fame seeking money hungry window.


Emily, im sorry but you are now acting like a baby. Grow up!

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