Bachelor Pad 3 Cast: Revealed, Shameless!

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ABC has released the shameless cast of Bachelor Pad 3, its summer spinoff/guilty pleasure recycling factory of Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects. Yeah BABY!

A few contestants are no-brainers, others are boring, others somewhere in between ... and there's a handful of “super fans” thrown in as well.

Yes. Fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have now been added to the Big Brother-esque mix, where the contestants vie for $250,000.

One spot has yet to be claimed by a guy on the current season (The Bachelorette spoilers should offer some ideas) but other than that, it's set.

Kalon McMahon Photo
The Bachelorette: Ed
Reid Rosenthal Photo

Your male Bachelor Pad 3 cast members are ...

  • Kalon McMahon! Told to get the f*%k out of The Bachelorette this week!
  • Reid Rosenthal! Memorable finalist on Jillian Harris' season.
  • Ed Swiderski! Winner of Jillian's season! They broke up.
  • Michael Stagliano! Co-winner of Bachelor Pad Season 2!
  • Ryan Hoag. From DeAnna Pappas' season years ago.
  • Nick Peterson. Wooed Ashley Hebert last season.
  • Tony Pieper. Early Emily Maynard reject.
  • David Mallet. Super fan.
  • Chris Bain. Fan.
  • TBA.

Your female Bachelor Pad 3 cast members are ...

Lindzi Cox PictureBlakeley Shea Picture
  • Lindzi Cox! Rejected by Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor season finale.
  • Blakeley Shea! Also rejected by Ben, albeit a few episodes earlier.
  • Sarah Newlon. Brad Womack's (first) season.
  • Rachel Trueheart. Another Flajnik castoff.
  • Jamie Otis. Ben's season.
  • Jaclyn Swartz. Also Ben's.
  • Erica Rose. Again.
  • Brittany and Erica Taltos. Super fans!
  • Paige Vigil. Yep, another super fan!
  • Donna Zitelli. Super duper fan!

What do you think? Excited about the new cast? Who are you most looking forward to (and dreading) seeing again? Who will fill the final spot?


I will have to say that I was a big, big, fan of Reid. To me, he was the only one who was genuine during the Jillian season. I will have to say I'm a little disappointed that he has signed up with all the rest of those losers.Thought he was much classier than them.....time will tell....I so hope Im not disappointed in him when its over. Please don't dissapoint Reid.


Perfect couple- Kalon and Erica. Nuff said.


Kalon got what he wanted - 15 minutes of fame for being a total d-bag and getting paid to do it again. I won't watch purely because he is on this show. And Lindzi and Reid - I thought you were a little classier.


I'm not sure if Reid is going to get the clarity he seeks on BP3 regarding career, love life etc according to his bio on BP's ABC website. I like him don't get me wrong but I just hope he doesn't fall apart!


Here is some real dirt for the bachelor pad. Jamie otis has been living with her long time boyfriend (Lonnie Park) who plays in the band ten man push, the whole time she has been on the Bachelor and now during the bachelor pad, she's a fraud and should be thrown off the show.


I'm not excited about any of these people! I liked Michael, but he already won...why would he be able to come back? And Tony??? The guy who was crying every 3 seconds because it was SO HARD being away from his child is doing Bach Pad 3 now?!?!?! These people are really pathetic. They're all nothing short of die-hard fame whores. By the way, I just read in a magazine last night that Ames(Ashley's season) and Courtney(yes, THAT Courtney) were going to be on the show. Not sure if the mag made that up or these lists aren't complete...

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