Dee Jay Daniels Arrested For Murder, Gang Activity

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Former child actor Dee Jay Daniels, who starred on the 1990s sitcom The Hughleys, is being held in a California jail on murder and gang activity charges.

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    He got off.


    dumb ass. went from actor to murderer now look were it got u.. smfh ..damn shame


    I was wit dude in jail hes real koo n mellow.. Yall judging him n dont even kno his side of the story.. He aint happy bout the situation and wish it neva happnd but it did and i hope the best for him.... But real shit stockton niggas is bitch made and hate on outta towners..


    Dee Jay better hope that he won't be convicted of aiding and abetting. It doesn't matter whether he either did or didn't know why he had been called to Stockton; he was there at the time of the murder and that may be enough in order to keep him behind bars for the rest of his natural-born life. Maybe if he had used the brain between his ears in the first place he wouldn't have a rap sheet. He is an adult now, and he knows right from wrong; so to place all of the blame on his mother ridiculous. Dee Jay himself should be held responsible for having chosen to associate with those who thrive from violence because now look where it has gotten him.


    i blame his mother, tyria for raising him that way. it can only be the tree that spoils the fruit


    All Y'all must b white cause if he was a white child star he wouldn't have to do what he done cause he would have been very busy acting like I'm sure he wanted to a lot of black child play in a couple role with small parts or they will play In a show that only last 3 or less years and everybody on here that made a comment is dumb as hell cause what the hell a face tattoo got to do with anything Nothing tattoos piercings and hairstyle don't make u as a person he must have killed a white person


    I played Ronnie Wilson who was a recurring role on the Hughleys was his "next door neighbor friend" on the show.. To see him join the bloods of all things is ridiculous to me because I dont understand, did he not learn anything from DL when he knew that D.L Hughley left that gang and started being successful? This kid was a regular on the show. He was serious alot of the time off camera, and did have a bit of a meanstreak but never thought he'd join the bloods and end up in prison especially after being blessed and POSITIVELY influenced from D.L. Hughley.


    So because your tats are in different places than, that makes you better ? That is the pot calling the kettle black !


    Handsome? Face tats aren't handsome (I am not a tattoo hater with, I have 2 full sleeves that tattoos elsewhere on my body). Face tats are for losers like this guy. No wonder he turned to street crime and became a blood. After getting face tats no one in Hollywood would hire hime.


    Dear hoes,& bitches the guy murdered some
    one and all u say is he's fine and handsome? I see why u stupid assholes get treated like u do...and I hope no one ever look at u in no other way but as a pile of shit.....

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