Crystal Scott: Fired Over Breastfeeding Photo?

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The woman who recently organized an awareness campaign that came under heavy scrutiny for featuring two military moms breastfeeding in uniform has been fired.


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    What is so wrong with this!?! I am beginning to think all you Haters are jealous. Years ago, this was the only way to feed an infant. Those women were never told to cover up or hide. If you can't say something nice then keep your damn mouth shut and don't say anything at all or even type it out for that matter!!


    Tonya. Get your lazy ass to work


    I won't say I am "happy" she was fired, but after reading all of Crystal Scott's blame placing, trying to say that her employer fired her because of her Mom2Mom BF campaign craziness, I am happy they had the sense to let her go. She obviously was spending way too much time promoting her cause, and not doing her job. They had every right under employment laws to fire her! As for her organizing this BF picture---have some class!! No one wants to see your cleavage, no one cares if you BF or not--and no one wants to see that on internet websites. What ever happened to go old fashioned modesty? I guess in this case we may never know.


    Shame On You U.S. Army


    @MrsRacistWoman Hahahaha! So, where does your racist attitudes lie? And what that have to do with recognizing "awesome" boobs?!? Don't quite get the connection here!


    Awesome! Boobs!


    Everyone's failed to realize that this has nothing to do with the breast feeding. It's because US soldiers, no matter what branch they are in, are not supposed to support any specific cause while in uniform. These women didn't get in trouble because they were breast feeding. They got in trouble because they were supporting a cause related to breast feeding in uniform.


    The babies are eating in public....get over it people. Nothing to be ashamed about. Americans are WAY too uptight.


    Pervert. nasty wanker


    Glad she got fired. I don't need to see that crap. They only do it because they can expose themselves.

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