Craiglist Ad Offers "Professional" Bullying Services

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This Craigslist ad offers help bullying your kids.

No, not protecting them from bullying in this cruel world. Actually administering mental and physical bullying. You know, because the property taxes you pay to send Junior to middle school just don't buy you a good enough bullying experience these days.

Why would you ever offer such a thing?


Because "I've noticed an unsavory trend of self-entitlement among kids," writes this bully-for-hire. "Fortunately, I think there's a solution, so I've turned to the one place where I'm convinced I can cast the widest net to families: Craigslist."

"There I posted the following offer to parents, and so far no bites. Though it may just be a matter of getting the word out." That word is this:


As for the nuts and bolts of this seemingly foolproof, mutually beneficial arrangement, for which the wannabe bully seeks only "reasonable" compensation?

The methodology includes, but is not limited to the following:


Our only questions after reading this:

  1. How great is the Internet, and
  2. How does anyone NOT call this guy???

Bullying a kid, just because he is smaller, or has a disability, is terrible. However, if the kid is a wise ass, or a spoiled brat, whose parents, let him get away with anything, at home, it just might be a good idea, for kids his own age, to smack him around, a little.


Wow, relax. It was a joke. I read the original article and founf it hilarious. Maybe if it offends you then you are raising an entitled kid who could stand to be knocked down a few pegs. Yikes, get a sense of humor and get over yourselves.


This is sick and a great example of how sick our world is now. Why did you even make a post about this? Do you think it is funny? They think it is funny? It would not be funny if the one who posted this on Craigslist wound up with social anxiety, P.T.S.D. and clinical depression. I think people need sensitivity training. Seeking professional help at least.


There is NOTHING professional about bullying!!!!! The Craiglist website people should all be ashamed of themselves for being associated with bullying. However, since this is CRAIGLIST, this (very sadly) does not surprise me.............

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