Catching Fire Casting Scoop: Down to Three for Finnick Odair?

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We are reportedly down to three for the role of Finnick Odair.

With Robert Pattinson (thankfully) out of the running for this key Catching Fire character, E! News claims producers have narrowed their choices down to the following trio:

  1. Taylor Kitsch: Beloved Friday Night Lights star who anchored two of the biggest flops in Hollywood history, John Carter and Battleship.
  2. Armie Hammer: Oscar nominee and upcoming Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp as Tonto.
  3. Garrett Hedlund: Starring opposite Kristen Stewart in On the Road.

E! also claims The Hunger Games sequel might go with a relative nobody for Finnick, who is a former winner of the story's annual competition and possesses both a ridiculously amazing body and a cocky personality.

Which of these actors would be best suited for the part?

And the Winner is?

We're reportedly down to three for the key role of Finnick in Catching Fire. Who should it be? View Poll »

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NO NO NO AND NO!!!! Jeremy Sumpter for Finnick, seriously! Come on he is PERFACT!!!


oh my goodness these guys are not finnick worthy hes suppose to be like extremely hot and funny! meow this sucks




Sam Clafflin.


The producers said that they are not even at the stage of deciding who's going to play him yet. They said that either one of these guys being cast is "so not true" and they aren't even close to casting him yet.


For some reason when I read Catching Fire.. I always pictured Finnick black? Why?


If they don't test Tom Welling, they're crazy!


none of them look right to me
i think james gaisford should be finnick


These people are too old for him. He's supposed to be, like, 24.


Zac Effron or Robert Pattenson are you serious?????? Finnick is a bad ass nothing about those two sissys are bad ass. I would love to see Tom Welling or Garrett Hedlund