Amber Portwood: Barred From Seeing Leah in Prison?

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With multiple stints in jail from failing to adhere to terms of her probation, followed by a five-year prison sentence, Amber Portwood has had a rough 2012.


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    She does not deserve to see her child ever again. Keep her away from Leah always.


    Everybit isn't a word.


    You all sound everybit as dumb as Amber. Learn to spell and speak correctly for the love of God. Less tv would help.


    I really feel for Amber, I do. I can understand the situation because I'm a child from a similar situation. My mother when I was in prison from age 3-7, she got out, and 13 years later, she still can't acknowledge her kids. I hope that Amber comes out a totally different person for the better, and I hope that Leah ends up getting well taken care of and can eventually have a relationship with her mother. I hope the best for this family.


    And Farrah, please understand that no one is EVER going to marry you, ever. Did I say ever? I meant EVER.


    Amber Portwood is probably the most disgusting person on television ever. Pop another pill Amber and please, by all means drive around in a vehicle so we can all risk being hit by you in the McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Carvel, Chic Filet, Boston Market, In & Out & Kentucky Fried drive thru's. And Farrah, please understand that no one is EVER going to marry you, ever. Did I say ever? I meant EVER.


    She needs to work on her issues before she can be a mom!!! I was once there and had a drug issue and I had to better myself before I could be a GREAT mom,and now I have been sober for 7 yrs and have my son back in my life :)Praying for her to get her SH*T together!!!!


    Amber is one stupid _itch,she should never be able to see that poor little angel,i wouldnt leave her alone with my dog!!! I hope she never has any more kids!!!!! May GOD be with that little angel girl!!!It would be best for all if she would stay the rest of her life in jail!!!!!!!!


    Let the dumbass rot. She only cares about herself and popping pills.. she should be ashamed of her self. White trash is a compliment to her, sux to be her.. but thats what u get when your deali ng with a dumbass lil girl, all i know is tonight she will be eating slop and sleeping on cold steel, while i eat steak and sleep in a featherdown bed.. ha. Ha just sayin.. trick ass hoe deserves what she gets


    So Amber chose jail over rehab, is that right?
    why the fuck would someone opt to go to jail for 5 year
    istead of chosing to complete rehab? especially one that has a child?
    i do not understand, and ill probably never understand why someone would chhose
    to be locked up for such a long time, isolated from their family, man Amber sure does
    have some issues, what the fuck is up with that chick???

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