Young Jessica Sanchez Fan CRUSHED By American Idol Results

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We've found her! The only female on the planet who did not vote Phillip Phillips for American Idol champion!

Granted, she's like four years old.

It's both hilarious and heart-breaking to watch her reaction to this week's finale results. But it should at least be comforting to Fox executives - following a season where ratings tumbled - to know that at least some fans out there still care. A lot.

Watch poor little Laney's reaction to the outcome now and start the hate mail campaign for the mother behind the camera, who seems to take pleasure in mocking her toddler's pain:


lighten up guys. There's a lot more horrible unresponsble parents out there.


Mom showing true parenting skills in this vid.
Poor Daddy. Hahaha !


No hatemail for the mom, she was just confused about how to work her daughter through this issue. It was cute and funny. She will live and go on to be a fine human. I live through many, many Laker losses to the Boston Celtics in the 60s, and I'm okay.


aw...poor kid..that was mean...someday i hope she gets her mom back good for this...:) karma sucks..hehe


What responsible parent would do this to an unsuspecting 4 year old? Kids that young don't understand sarcasm and then to blatantly lie to a child as to who won? When the mother asked the child if she was "pissed" about the outcome, I wanted to slap her. Children learn what they live and this kid doesn't stand a chance at being raised to live a kind, moral, responsible and ethical life.


what kind of mother mocks their child like that? she's a bitch

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