WTH Happened to Lindsay Lohan's Face? Again?

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The latest iteration of Lindsay Lohan walked the red carpet at A&E's big upfronts event last night in New York, and man. Something is seriously wrong.

There to support Lifetime and her new Liz & Dick movie, Lohan showed off her new skin shade of copper, applies unevenly, and absurdly plump lips.

Collagen, kids. Don't do it.

Lindsay Lohan, Lip Injections
Lindsay Lohan, Bronzer

Lindsay's face also appears more taut and stretched than before, perhaps the result of having work done, which is perhaps the result of attempting to stave off the effects of smoking, drinking, snorting coke, tanning and emotional abuse.

Perhaps. It's just a theory.

What do you think? Has LiLo had work done?

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horrible, ugly, no talent skank


Her lips look like that from all the huffknob she has been giving around Hollywood to get roles.


Well, yeah I thought she looked better before, her cheeks look to big for her face. I don't know why she thought she needed to change her face to begin with. Now as far as her body I think she still looks amazing. Yeah, Lindsay your a hot sexy woman, but what are you thinking with this latest face thing? You are going to look like the "Lion Lady",you know the one I mean, she's some rich dumbass that was addicted to going under the knife! Wait, Lindsay, I hope thats not your new drug of choice. Well, that's all I wanted to say. I still love ya girl, but ecks-nay on the morophene eh! Peace out.


She will be dead by 30 if she keeps up the lie. When asked, "How long have you been sober?" She replied over and over, even though pressed for the time period, "I do not know, but it has been a long time". Every addict knows exactly the date they quit abusing themselves and start to recover. She was so evasive it was sad. She is abusing something now, or can't wait until she can. What a loser!! Young kids are suppose to learn by their mistakes; she has made plenty. When are you going to see the light, Lidsay? The day you overdose or get in an accident? Grow up. Don't you know "The party is over for you forever".


If it's at all possible, she needs to remove those foreign objects that she put in her cheeks. I always thought she was one of the most beautiful people, until she started having plastic surgery. I hope there will be some breaking point for her soon where she learns to love herself and take care of herself.


How is this girl a "star"?? I live/work in a college town and pretty much EVERYONE you walk past looks 10x better than this girl. She's a hot mess as an adult; her time was up after she hit puberty. She was gorge in mean girls but after that it was all down hill. Give up Lindsay, pack it up and go home and live a normal life like the rest of us average people. You just ain't about that world...


I think she looks perfectly fine. No diff then she has in the last couple of yrs. In fact, her lips look better than they have recently. I have no idea if she will remain clean or not but I certainly wish her and anyone else that battles addiction, the best.


I love her so much!


She looks like a mutant...is there a lump on her forehead? WTH is wrong with her eyebrows? It's so sad she looks like a mess!




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