The Avengers Rakes in $18.7 Million at Midnight

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Sorry, Thor. You are no match for Katniss Everdeen.

The Avengers - which is receiving glowing reviews from critics around the country - opened at midnight last night and brought in $18.7 million from those showings. Impressive? Yes, it's the eighth best midnight tally of all-time.

Record-breaking? No, it fell about a million short of The Hunger Games and the haul was a considerable amount lower than the midnight box office champion: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 somehow garnered $43.5 million!

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Oh i'm sure it'll bank like crazy...just looks like a cluster f**k of insanity! But hey, who am i to judge? That could be a good thing :) but i'll probly still not go see it anyways...idk why either! Lol


..but it might break all box office records for opening weekend! I'm excited to see this movie. This movie got an international appeal, too, so basically its a winner.


..and it fell about 11 million short of the latest TWILIGHT saga!


Looks almost a lil too 'michael bay-ish'. Give me 'dark knight rises'! :)