Teresa Giudice Angling for Jailed Husband, Own Reality Show

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Joe Giudice has been indicted on charges of fraud.

And while wife Teresa Giudice may not exactly be bribing a jury to send her man to the pokey, sources say she won't be broken up if Joe does end up behind bars. It will be great for her career, after all!

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"If Joe goes to jail, there will be sympathy for her," a Real Housewives insider tells Us Weekly. "And she'll get a spinoff about life as a single mom. She'll do a book deal, too: My Life Without Joe or something like that."

Another source puts it even more bluntly: "I've heard it time and time again: The second Joe goes to jail, Teresa's getting her own show."

All close to the show agree that Teresa aims to break free from The Real Housewives of New Jersey and follow the path laid out by Bethenny Frankel, who has buily her own brand and empire.

In the meantime, we'll ask: Would you watch a Teresa Giudice reality show?

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I don't like the way she has been treating everyone but I will watch her show. Bravo all the way!!!


She's entertaining ......but dumb as hell.
Her husband does cheat on her because I've seen him with another girl in AC. He is trash.


Either she's really good at acting dumb, or she really is dumb. Does anybody listen to some of the stupid things that come out of her mouth? And if I were her brother, I'd tell her to go f$#k herself. She's so jealous of how happy Melissa and Joe are she can't stand it. Her drunk, nasty, triflin', POS husband treats her like dog crap on the bottom of his shoes. She can't stand to see anybody else happy. I feel sorry for her girls. They act just like her and it's no wonder because that's all they know -- hollering and yelling!!


Teresa already has her own show - RHONJ. The little upstart trash mouth and her three ring family have taken over RHONJ and manipulated last season and this season into their own story line. That's why she worked to get Danielle off the show because Danielle was her only competition. And I bet the war with Caroline is because Caroline can't stand it that the show is all about Teresa now. Jacqueline has no story line, Kathy has to use her gay sister Rosie to get air time, and Melissa supplies story line for Teresa. The trashy girl from Paterson NJ is actually quite clever...


I will watchTeresa's show. I love her! I saw Teresa at Parx Casino and she is beautiful. Stop attacking her! Those with cruel comments shame on you. She working to support girls. Is their love and compassion left!


She is such a bitch, a liar, illiterate and narcicistic, I would be drawn to a spin-off show. She's so hateful and always plotting against anyone else who might be in the spotlight. I think she's so mixed up in her head that she lives in "Theresa's World" all the time. To her, that's reality. And yet, I'm drawn to her and can't wait til the next episode and I watch each show at least six times each. Love the marathons! Big Fan, Sharon


I'd watch it if she wasn't on it!!! I could tolerate her in the beginning of the series however, she has proven herself to be a liar, deceitful, jealous and overbearing. She hates her siste-in-law, has some kind of unhealthy infatuation with her brother and the entire cast seems to get along so much better when she's not around. It's sad to see any family split apart, even though she will be a lot better without that bully who is also a liar, around her babies. Oh, well, I'm just sayin'


I'd watch it only if she doesnt speak! LOL