Teen Mom Trailer: The Final Season Begins ...

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It's the beginning of the end for Teen Mom's fabulous foursome - Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell - on MTV this summer.

Though the Teen Mom franchise is sticking around on the network with its second (and soon-to-be third) ensembles, the four who started it all are bowing out.

The final season, premiering next month, promises big things for Amber, Maci, Farrah and Cate. Take a look at the trailer for their upcoming swan song below:

Among this season's new challenges:

  • Amber Portwood's suicide attempt, 911 calls, meltdowns in front of Gary, loss of custody of Leah, and ongoing legal woes (she's in jail right now).
  • Catelynn and her fiance Tyler Baltierra wonder if putting daughter Carly up for adoption really was the right decision ... EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.
  • Farrah moving to Florida with little Sophia.
  • Maci fighting with Ryan Edwards a lot.

It all starts June 12! Yeah, baby!

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I just dont understand ignorant people sometimes! What is the purpose of calling these girls sluts and hos? walk a mile in their shoes having an already hard life broad casted on national tv. Im sure ur lives wouldnt so hot to the world if u people were on tv


I feel for Amber. She is suffering from depression. I would write her in prison. She doesn't need criticism, she needs help! Maci should be glad Ryan wants to parent his son. Maci is or was a spoiled teenager and jealous. Catelynn and Tyler are the least selfish. They did what Jenelle should have done. Her poor son will suffer, look at all the screaming he endures and will continue as long as his mom and grandma are at odds. Farrah is also a spoiled brat, however she does need to get away from her mom. Her mom is suffocating. Farrah is a very strong woman though.
These girls are lucky to have a chance to air this out and make money off it. Money for boobs. I hope they invest wisely as money doesn't grow on trees. Take those pacifiers out of the kids mouths. They are way to old for them. Leah is the only one who doesn't depend on that subsitute. Good job Gary and Amber for that.


critic this is for you.. amber has a mother if you watch the show but her mother is not the kind of person that you would look up to


i would also like to know how janelle can afford a boob job but yet she cant afford her own place? should getting clean and straightened up so you can get your kid back come before getting fake boobs?


i am 19 and im married with 2 kids.. i have a 17 month old daughter and a 4 month old daughter. i was a foster child all my life and my family is not perfect . but i do not act like these girls..i love watching the shows but these girls need a reality check except for cate and ty there good kids. i understand tyler because my dad is in and out of jail all the time.amber and janelle are the worst mothers in the world.they need to grow up .yelling and abusing someone infront of your child is the worst thing to do,no wonder cps is onto amber .and im proud of janelle's mum.and i am proud of farrah for getting her life on track.anyway i hope that doctor drew keeps these shows coming :)


I had m first son at 16. He's now 8yrs old. I never acted like any of these girls! They give hard working teen moms a really bad name. Except for Catelynn and Tyler. They actually considered what was best for their little girl. Good for them!
The way they talk to their children's father's and to their own parents...they are a disgrace...and they wonder why they're single and alone! Been with my sons father for 10 years!


I was just dating Farrah for 2 months. She is the most miserable human being to everyone and especially to Sophia. She is no doubt crazy


I don't mind theses shows but I'm always left pondering of the show itself and the fame that follows could add to the problems of these girls?
I know they get paid pretty well from the show and seeing on tmz jennelle going to a expensive as store can't think of which big name store it was but if you have money to blow on a place like that where a key chain costs $200+ apparently and a boob job gets on my nerve a lot! What about her son!!
Maybe amber wouldn't be as messed up either if she wasn't in the spot light too.
I wish these girls the best but after the show ends it won't be the last we here of them they might mess up or get pregnant again or god knows what!
Best of luck to them I just hope the new season of new moms know the price they will pay for there privacy when they signed those contracts xxxx


My heart does go out to Catelyn and Tyler though. I think that giving up their child was a really difficult thing to do and you could tell they were torn. I don't think they will ever get over that decision. I'm not saying it was right or wrong, it's just too bad someone (like a decent parent) couldn't help them raise this baby til they got their educations and stuff together. I rally am sad for them.


Doesn't Amber have any parents that can intervene or anything...this girl is a mess...and that boyfriend of hers has taken enough of her crap. It's not like she is some beauty or anything...she is fat with a big head and horrible attitude.... Janelle is a white trash junkie ho.I stopped watching these shows and thanked God that my kids didn't turn out like that. Sickening.