Amber Portwood Hospitalized After Possible Suicide Attempt

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was rushed to the hospital in Indiana today, and reports from TMZ state that she threatened to take her own life.

Cops in Anderson, Ind., say someone called police from Amber's home claiming the 21-year-old "was depressed and threatening to end her life."

Amber Portwood did not appear to be injured when the cops arrived and she was promptly taken to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.

Troubled Amber Portwood

Amber is still in the hospital. Keep her in your thoughts.

It's unclear why Portwood was in shambles, but she and baby daddy Gary Shirley had actually been on relatively good terms in the last couple of months.

It's also unclear if this will affect season three of Teen Mom, which is set to begin next month and reunites Portwood with the rest of the original cast.

More details to follow as the story develops ...

UPDATE: A police statement confirms that at 11:34 a.m. Anderson Police were called to a residence in the 1300 block of Pleasant Meadow Drive.

According to the caller, Amber was threatening to end her life. She did not appear injured, and was transported to a medical facility for evaluation.

An Anderson police source also confirms that the phone call was not made by Amber Portwood at her home, but by “a relative” at a different location.

The relative advised the authorities to check on Amber. A source says Gary Shirley's mother was the one who made the phone call to the police.

An inside source reports the following:

“Two policemen arrived, found her face-up on the couch and immediately called for an ambulance. When two EMT workers arrived, they removed the rope that Amber had loosely knotted around her neck."

"They tried speaking with her, but she was in and out of consciousness and couldn’t respond; she was just moaning. They gave her an oxygen mask, put her on a gurney, and rushed her to the hospital.”

Amber is currently still being evaluated in St. Johns Hospital.

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i believe amber is following in her mothers footsteps .. i hope she gets the help she needs so that she will stop fighting infront of poor leah and dont feel sorry for gary he starts fights too by pushing ambers buttons


You should censor amber's address...


some people really need 2 learn when 2 shut up. i was 17 when i got pregnant so i don't believe age is a factor however being a parent at any age is hard. nobody knows whether this is real and while i've never been a fan of hers people just need 2 leave her alone and get a life of their own.


People speaking like this is a shame n wishing the child's mother dead no matter how much you may dis like her is wrong and be one who does it should be ashamed


CLEARLY this is a cry of "hey im just as entertaining as the rest of the 16 and hoish crew"..NEWFLASH..NO ONE CARES AMBER. How about u do the WORLD a favor. Go to school..get ur GED..go to college..get a CAREER, and sit down somewhere and take care of your kids. Im so sick of MTV GLORIFYING these 16 yr old sluts like sex at a young age AND pregnancy is OKAY. ITS NOT. And really you dont deserve a check for putting your business on public display for it either. SAD.


Everyone keeps saying oh she's an attention whore she just wants attention!!!! The more you talk about her and the more you watch her or write a comment abou her, your giving her the attention that she's looking for whether its good or bad its still attention!


Amber just needed some more attention!


Praying for her, but mostly praying for that poor baby to have a wild abusive mom like that. If Gary had a brain, he would have taken the baby and run to the ends of the earth with her long ago.


Wow this girl does need more than help... She acts like she has it so bad, but i feel bad for the people around her...


Gary 5 chins tweeting that he never cheated on trash dump #1? Who else BUT trash dump #1 would sleep with him anyways? Hey Trash dump #1, I don't think you need to worry your drug hazed mind with whether or not Fatty 5 chins is searching for his little pee pee (he has probably never seen it) to stick into trash dump #2. I am pretty sure you have that market cornered. Now get back to practicing suicide so next time you don't screw it up!

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