Tareq Salahi Re-Files Frivolous Lawsuit, Claims Neal Schon Cost Him $50 Million

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Tareq Salahi's lawsuit against his estranged wife Michaele Salahi was recently dismissed, but he's instead turned his focus to her lover, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, the band’s personal recording label and their publicist.

Yep, he's re-filing a lawsuit against all of the above.

Neal Schon Image
Tareq and Michaele

Tareq alleged that Michaele and Neal’s 2011 affair was a calculated attempt to re-launch the struggling rock band, ruining Tareq in the process.

The male Salahi says that when he was doing Michaele, Neal Schon was also screwing him out of a deal with Oprah Winfrey (!?), a $300,000 gig on Dancing With the Stars and a big-screen adaptation of their life. Mmm hmm.

The pair was to receive 40 percent of the sale, he claims ... so approximately $8.00 total gross, assuming the two of them even bought tickets.

Tareq also alleges the affair also cut off paid interviews and appearances, despite the fact that he got quite a lot of mileage out of whining about it.

He also modestly calls himself and Michaele “instant international celebrities” and “household names” after crashing a White House state dinner.

Their “gate-crashing” resulted in the Salahis "being offered regular paid appearances as 'The Salahis,’" he claims ... and they're no longer.

Tareq added: “The Salahis” became a “financially prosperous enterprise.” Sadly for him, that ship has sailed, along with any hope of winning this case.


snival ...snival. Neil is a monster who stole my beautiful wife and love of....snival..sobb...my life from me! He used his rock god status and hundreds of millions to squash me like a bug,,sob...snival.....


Financial prospersous enterprise, really? Then pay off all those lawsuits, credit card debts and other financial obligations you walked away from Salahi. Lets see you actually prove these claims. Remember you will have to testify to these claims under oath.


That's an expensive wife that he wants Neal to pay for! Doesn't he know prostitution is illegal?

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