Snooki Calls Out Haters, Bullies; Vows to Prove Critics Wrong With Parenting

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is determined to prove the skeptics wrong regarding her parenting skills this year - skills she says she's always had faith in.

The 24-year-old says she never doubted her own ability to raise a child.

"I can't wait to meet my kid!" she tells V's Americana Issue. "Everyone will be surprised to see a different side of me. I'm loving, caring, sensitive.

"I'm protective and very maternal, no matter what people might think."

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Polizzi is used to having people underestimate and tease her.

"I've been bullied my whole life. In high school, me and my girlfriends were freshmen and we were all pretty girls in cheerleading and stuff, so the older girls would bully us because all of their guys want to hang out with us," she says.

"I am to this day probably the No. 1 most-bullied celebrity," Snooki adds. "I really don't go with trends, I don't try to fit in like everyone else does in Hollywood. I just like to be different and I don't care."

The Jersey Shore star, who is set to star in her own spinoff (see
Snooki & JWoww trailer), admits she has "a lot of haters." "I mean, people used to say I was fat when I was the hottest thing ever. Imagine what they say now."

Or don't, based on some comments on THG over the years.

Reality TV may be fleeting, but Snooki, who is engaged to marry Jionni LaValle, already has a plan to capitalize on the next phase of her life.

"My ideas are endless," she tells V, musing about her potential baby gear line. "Who wouldn't want a leopard-print rattle or a cheetah-print bib?"

We can think of a few million people ... but have at it.

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Parents don't like what she teaches our children that is why she is hated.. No parent as she will soon find out wants there children to act the way she does and have no self respect and only feel love by sleeping around and never truly know you have to love your self before you will ever know and feel love. She acts the way she does cause she isn't happy with her self. I pray she changes for her child and see how she has been not only effected her but a world of children that looked up to her. In most cases parents that have to work and can't be home to make sure there children are not watching shows like her end up with there children thinking thats how they should be to be popular and rich. Instead of realizing that the real world will call them slut and ho ect and the fact of the high possibility of ending up pregnant or worse and std. I wish show like this was banned for good....


I love snook's so much,u hater's should fuck off and get a life cuz her lifestyle is so not your business'es


Wow, getting pregnant to further one'$ career......this wa$ on purpo$e, don't believe her when $he $ay$ it was accidental, $he knew.


Wow some of these comments are pathetic. I think I can almost hear the Psycho theme being played by some of these haters. You're just jeolous you didn't get paid to party and see the world. I know she's a saavy enterprising young woman and if it's any of our business will be a spectacular mother.


she`s ril preeeeeeeeetty!


YUCK! I am a hater, I hate her!


Totally agree Heather. Also, about snooki: people ARE going to hate because they see you on tv LOUD, dRuNk, and obnoxIOUS. When you drink, you get frickin hammered, fall all over the place and PISS on the dance floor! Then instead of cleaning up you just spray perfume up your crotch. That's DISGUSTING. U sleep in those clothes with the piss soaked panties, wake up, don't shower, then go to a BAR at 1 in the afternoon. (i'm aware that they can edit those shows but that's what they showed regardless) You're just dirty. People see that and have EVERY right to question your future motherhood. I dont talk shit...i talk truth :D


Does she realize how snotty and stuck up that sounded? The older girls picked on them when they were freshman and pretty cheerleaders, because all their guys wanted to hang with them. Ummm could that be because you were trashy litle tramps? Freashman get picked on. Especially if they act like boy crazy hoochies. And while i wont say she was fat, she was a little on the heavier side, and not the hottest thing ever! Learn to cover up and not let all your lady bits hang out. Thats trashy. Oh wait, we are talking about the Jersy stereotype of big boobs and hair. What did she once say, a Jersay skank? Yeah that sums it all up. Grow up little girl, all the world is not a reality show.


Give the girl a break. She represents most of this country--average, fun loving crazy people with a bit of baggage. Most people grow up, move on and become 'normal'. Think you're better than her? I'm guessing not. She has a TV show, for now.


(Sniffle, sniff, sniff) Leave her alone, you haters!...

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