Phillip Phillips Loves Girlfriend, Embraces Talent

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We're sorry to say it, ladies, but: Phillip Phillips has a girlfriend. And he's head over heels for the unnamed brunette.

"She is so excited for me," the 21-year old told reporters in a conference call yesterday. "She supported me throughout all of this, and I love her to death."

Phillip Phillips Finale Photo

Phillip added that his gal pal has helped him immensely through his kidney ailment - it came out this week that Phillips underwent EIGHT surgeries during season 11 and is due for one in the near future - and if female voters out there have a problem with his heart being taken, well...

... too bad!

"If a girl [voted] for me because I'm cute, and then gets mad that I have a girlfriend, then she doesn't really like the music," he said. "I'm not some cute guy who is trying to be successful off that. I really want the music to come first."

So, why did YOU vote Phillip Phillips for American Idol winner?


i voted for him because of his PURE uncorrupted style of music.yeah he's cute .. well its just how he is made .. it's not PP's fault that he's handsome and SUPER TALENTED...


The girlfriend needs to get her ears checked. HE ALWAYS SINGS OFF KEY EVEN WITH HIS GUITAR. WITHOUT IT HE WOULD SOUND HORRIBLE.I don't care to see that constipated face of his. Raggedy Phil is just one of WGWG


Weve got tonight is a lullaby. His voice is sexy and sweet and I love falling asleep to it on my iPad. It's been awhile since an old song sung by a new person could win my heart. But his voice and the piano is beautiful.


Already sick of hearing abt this dude.


I voted for him for his amazing talent and his love for music . I think it is great he has such supporting and loving girlfriend, it is hard to find someone who will stick with you through the hard times anymore.


Well, I for one voted for him because I would really LOVE to own his CD someday. The fact that he is easy on the eyes is just an extra bonus!

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