Phillip Phillips: Urged to Seek Medical Help

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Might the success of Phillip Phillips on American Idol be jeopardizing his health? Without a doubt, YES, according to the singer's doctors.

TMZ reports that the finalist's physicians are adamant: Phillips needs surgery to repair a kidney issue as soon as possible. His family doctor even spent the entire day last Saturday - during Phillip's Idol-sponsored trip home to Georgia - by the contestant's side.

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But Phillips would be sidelines for six weeks if he underwent the recommended procedure, so he is choosing to soldier on through at least next Thursday's American Idol finale.

In the meantime, Phillip is simply taking medication, but that's also resulting in dry mouth and possibly impacting his singing. Either way, though, win or lose, the talented young man's journey will come to an end in one week.

Who do you think should win American Idol?


Ryan Seacrest and Phillip Phillips both from Georgia


I admire the amazing & versatile voice of Jessica that she can deliver the songs well at her age (if we are speaking in terms of talents & skills putting aside other issues).


I agree with Vinor. Jessica is too young. Good voice but not mature enough to gather a wide demographic commercially. She would only have a short lived fame. Phillip has charisma and is more artistic, and is more of our times. He reminds me of a young John Mayer. He is to also be admired to work having obvious kidney problems as reported.


I think Jessica is fantastic, but she isn't original, there are other "Jessica's " out there. Phillip is so amazingly different and talent like that needs to be recognized. Both contestants deserve to win, but since only one vote is for Phillips


I just Jessica Sanchez voice.


I love Phillips he is a true artist but Jessica has a gift...her voice control is unusually good especially for her age. She has been given wrong songs, wrong production, wrong outfit and Randy was obviously not pulling for her at all. But still you cannot deny that voice. I cannot wait when she'll have the right backing and right people to groom her......just like Jennifer Hudson.


Philip is a true artist, Jessica another great singer.Philip should win it!


you people are ridiculous! There both great musicians within there own styles! She is a bit young to sell that big adult mature voice and he has much more of a live audience connection than she does! This will come down to 1 thing who votes more 18 and up or the really young girls!


Josh's lost is directly realted to the lost of his gay fan base after his display of homophobia after the duet "Lost that Loving Feeling" he sang with Phillip. Josh's look of disgust and pulling away from Phillip when Phillip attempted to place his arms around Josh's shoulder spoke volumes. I am sure the show and Josh received a lot of hate mail.


Jessica is a baby. She has a great voice, but she should'nt win the finals. Keep her pure for a couple of years and let her go out on her own. She will be burnt out before the age of 20 yrs

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