Miley Cyrus Tweets Love for Total Bomb of a Movie

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LOL, the coming-of-age drama starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore, opened in limited release this weekend. And we mean VERY limited release:

The movie played in seven cities across the country. Total. As a result, it earned about 1/1,000,000,000th of what The Avengers brought in: $46,500.

Still, Miley has taken to Twitter and expressed gratitude for the dozen or so folks who did shell out their hard-earned money for this unfortunate flop.

LOL Poster

"Thank u so much for everyone who went to see LOL," Cyrus Tweeted on Monday. "It is a film I loved making and I am proud of.... That's really all that matters to me."

As for what the future holds for Cyrus at the box office? Analyst Len Klady isn't optimistic. He tells Yahoo:

"Miley Cyrus has a real image problem. Basically she's been undone by Saturday Night Live... people don't take her seriously."

And that's, like, totally not cool for Miley and her team. But it might bode well for fans of this star's music. The more flops she makes, the more likely it is that Cyrus wll return to the album scene.


i think that i cut because my new friend michael alejandro rodriguez mendez is a better singer than greyson chance and he is totaly better and he isint a singer greyson bulies animals


I am a big fan start doing t.v again I miss it Miley no matter way I will always be ur fan I pouched someone 4 talking about haha wow


Miley you should not be a brate you should not do the things you do get a life be a teenager not a 25 ur old okay


As a "From the begining " fan of Mileys~ I would really like to become her Handler/ Image consultant. As an "Mature" woman, I can see where some of her mistakes are headed. When she's out of the spotlight for a while, I always hope that her next move will be age appropriate and some what redeaming. You can't change the past, but you can always be better. I think she's been tossed into an arena where young girls have no clear direction. I say, "Look to where you want to be in your future, research the people who are in the same circle as your goal, model behaviors after them (but always being you) and hold your head up high.
Continue on the path of sharing your talents, commit to the causes you are TRULY passionate about and keep your PRIVATE LIFE just that. Private! (Liam is an amazing man ~ ones actions should NEVER be the reason someone has to let you go. Remember: Your actions are a reflection on the company you keep! Just sayin'..........Peace.


But i miss her kiddy songs in my opinion that was not kiddy at all..that was her sign which made her famous and different from others and i wiss Hanna to come back..and yes LOL Rocks it up Smiley:)


Well, if Miley's happy, then I am, too. In fact, I'm ecstatic!
Let's just hope her next movie opens up the same day as "The Dark Knight Rises" and maybe in the future she'll stick to doing what she does best...making those hilarious Miley and Mandy YouTube videos.


I just watched LOL last night and I think its a very cool mother-daughter relationship. Doesn't matter what people say I'm gonna watch it again!


Enjoying making the film shouldn't be all that matters. Whether she realizes it or not, this is a business. The idea is to make money. Not a good thing if she doesn't care about that.


Look, if she's good, it won't matter about image or Saturday Night Live. Her talent would lift her above all that. That's just excuses. It was just a bad movie!


@flatwoods: whos isnt stupid these days now, seriously?

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