Saturday Night Live Presents: The Miley Cyrus Show!

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We heart you, Saturday Night Live.

On this weekend's installment, new cast member Vanessa Bayer took on her first lead in a sketch, doing an outstanding job mocking Miley Cyrus, while host Bryan Cranston played father Billy Ray.

You've, like, gotta, like, watch this, like, impression, as Bayer parodies Miley's numerous statements about how, like, she's a serious actress. Like, check it out below...

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The theme song was kinda funny. SNL is losing it's humor.. sigh.


ilove u miley keep rockin


@Sara: Sorry,dear. That Lop you thought was me is actually a hacker who is laughing their ass off at you because you believed them. The one you agreed with(underneath you here)is NOT ME...Read a little closer,they're trying to make fun of me.
However, in all fairness---I do like Billy-Ray. He did a great job at the Nashville-Rising Flood-Benefit in June. Miley is awesome,but---there's nothing wrong with her pop either.
How about that? The idiot Hacker actually got a Life! Well, sort of---they're trying to get mine. No shot at-it,but---ya' gotta give'em a 'D' for effort---right? LOL!
Later all; Hollywood---out...


hii miley i love you soooo much you are the best


@K.. We don't really know if she found it funny. Publicly she may smile about it, but privately we will probably never know. If she shows unhappiness about it publicly, the gossip mongers will have a field day criticizing her.


@miles fanforlife;D, I would like to say something in defense of HiltonHater,........................just can't think of anything.


That sucks.
i agree with 'luvmiley' - its not even funny, what would you think of people making fun of how you speak?.
i think Miley got a nice accent, and if you hate it, then just go? why are you watching it? . Miley & Billy are great, so suck it, haterzz -.-' &' HiltonHater; get a life, you jealous blogger.


i'm frm Malaysia n i love Miley cos she's real n unpretentious.It's obvious dat the writer r jealous of Miley..


And of course, with your bizarre obsession with Miley Cyrus, found it hilarious, when in actuality,just like everything on SNL, it sucks ass.


The only thing funny is her impersonation of Cyrus' accent and pitch, nothing more. The dialogues didn't even evoke a SMILE from me.

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