Mary Kennedy Death Caused By Asphyxiation Hanging

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife Mary Kennedy died as a result of asphyxiation by hanging, confirming a report that surfaced yesterday.


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    I would like to say that I agree with you Daina - Karma is just like that - sooner or later, what you make, you receive...Yes, sadly. I´m very sorry for her and her children...


    if men are always cheating regardless of what women want i dont see why women dont either refuse to marry or cheat for revenge sex more often. Its either that or go without. Im not saying thats y she did it but it has something to do with it. Men cant mess w scorned & cynical women so they find ones who trust ,then ruin their lives. I say its their fault for making kids w women when they never planned to stay or stay monogamous. If they were responsible they would all get fixed and give women they lie to chances to start over & be independent again and be able to collect their tortured thoughts & be sane again. Hopefully. Without having crying, screaming, fighting kids constantly throwing monkey wrenches and reminding them of the evil men that did them in.


    @kc You are trying to put words in my mouth. You and I both know I didn't say she deserved to die. My point was...a person make choices that can come back to eventually haunt them. And in this case it did.


    Me I'm a nobody. Who are you.? So what you read books on them, doesn't mean she deserved to die. Even by her own hands.


    @kc Ha! I've read a great deal about this family by a variety of authors. Who are you? Some Kennedy insider? You get invites to their annual clambake at Hyannis Port????

    I'm stating the facts. Again, I prefaced my comments with sympathy for the children. That's sufficient, thus, I disagree with your view.


    You have no idea what karma is. You are not sorry by saying this. Totally unacceptable. She is dead and the kids lost their mother. Leave it at that. Nothing else needs to be said, especially since you probably know nothing about this family except what you have read in papers our seen on TV.


    My heart goes out to the children regarding the loss of their mother. I will say though that in a way "karma" came back to bite. Why? Mary and Robert were having an affair while he was in his first marriage. He finally got a quicky divorce and married Mary a month later when she was 6 months pregnant with their first child. Then Robert takes up with other women in their marriage... most recently an actress. Mary now as wife was tortured by the "other woman". What comes around goes around. Sadly.

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