Martin Short Accepts Kathie Lee Gifford Apology for Interview Gaffe

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Let there be now be no argument over the classiest man in Hollywood.

A day after one of the more embarrassing interview gaffes to ever air on live television - Kathie Lee Gifford asking Martin Short multiple questions about his wife, despite the fact that she passed away two years ago - the veteran actor has taken the very high road and accepted the talk show host's apology.

"I think that it's live television and people make mistakes and there's no ill will intended," Short said to E! News of the incident. "And I think it's nice to aspire to be that way."

Soon after the interview aired, Gifford took to Twitter and wrote:

"I send my sincerest apologies to @MartinShort and his family. He handled situation w/enormous grace and kindness and I'm so grateful."


Dave what a wonderful , knlegedlwaboe and courageous man you are. I attended your Nashville Seminar at Whole Foods and was blown away by you and your incredible experiences .but mostly by YOU! I love your honesty and the simple way you explained things so that ALL of us can grow and benefit from all that you have discovered and practice each and every day. I love the down to earth way you speak and the passion of your beliefs that come with every breath you take. Your honesty and Heart are a rare find these days and makes you all the more compelling. The audience was filled with about 50 folks of all ages, sizes, and ethnicity's and each one of us walked away with something real. You spoke of Balance and The Life Force of not only the foods we can choose to eat but that riveting force that exists within all of us that is there for the taking. You mentioned, a number of times, how far you got in school. What impresses me is that you've educated yourself specializing in your field of study and have truly become a Master in your own life and that spills over to each of ours.You are an incredibly encouraging role model who continues to put your money where your mouth is ! I am not an easily impressed woman. And when I see greatness, I feel privileged to be in it's company. Thank you Raw- Food Trucker Dave. Don't stop. We need your voice on the Planet. With Blessings and gratitude Anna Maria


Been wondering ... don't anchors supposed to tell the person who is going to be interviewed what questions that they are going to ask, like on GMA when Robin Roberts and Chris Brown talked about the questions that she was going to ask him and he made it very clear not to bring up him and Rihanna and she did anyway when he threw the chair... sorry thats the only example i can think of. NBC Today needs to do that have all of the anchors let the celebrity know what questions will be asked before hand so that this situation doesn't happen again.


Kathy, What!!!!!! Martin your so great.


Wow, decency does exist.

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