Justin Bieber Performs "Boyfriend" on The Voice Results Show

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The Voice crowned a season two champion last night, but long before Carson Daly announced this contestant's name, it was clear who the real winners were on the evening:

Beliebers across the land.

That's because the sensational singer took to the stage and performed his latest hit live... while sporting gold sneakers! It's something only Justin Bieber can pull off, but he pulled it off well.

With his new album due out on June 19, watch the recent high school graduate bring his A game on a rendition of "Boyfriend" below. A, of course, standing for adorable.

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WOW!!!!! his balls have dropped hahhaha pussy there are real men out there ur just a wimp


Justin is growing up is obviously his voice is changing. Don't be critical to hem.


i love justin bieber. He is hot and sexy too.


cold be amy cuet


i think his voice is breaking and he's trying to adjust to it.


I like the song on the radio. Live? Not so much. He didnt sound so great at the beginning, got better towards the end tho. I understand why singers pre record and lip sync.


He was so funny trying to act like a rapper with his Mr. microphone. Seriously, can anyone really sing these days?

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