Courtney Stodden Video: Purr-fectly Weird

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You've heard of Hello Kitty? Prepare yourselves for Hello Courtney.

No, really, hold on tight, try to keep your lunch down and prepare yourselves.

Courtney Stodden has released her latest in a string of exceptionally odd, attention-grabbing videos. First, she complained about her feet. Then, she challenged fans to a dance-off.

She's also fondled some produce.

Now, the 17-year old is making like a cat, crawling around, purring, coughing up a hairball. It's weird, disturbing stuff. Watch below and pray along with us that Stodden does not have nine lives...

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I think she´s drugged in this video. Disgusting. She isn´t even pretty or attractive. Just plain stupid.


If she had any talent, she wouldn't have to be a weirdo.


She got a boob job right before she coemetpd in the Miss Ocean Shores pageant at 16. The winner then goes on to the Miss WA pageant.I have family on the Long Beach peninsula where Stodden grew up and who live in the same small town of Ocean Shores. She was slutty then as she is NOW. Her values are just like her parents Douglas (Doug) & Krista Keller-Stodden who will do anything for a buck. Why do you think her Mom Krista is her manager and let their daughter marry a so called celebrity? It's all about the $$$ .Their family are the laughing stocks of Ocean Shores.


seriously she was 16 whn married? im jst saying she married any fool to come out her natural self (a huge nympho hoe) n yes she's all plastic she did it so it won't look bad bc if her age but nasty hoe did it for fame n to show her real self!!!! nasty piece of sh!t...


Oh Hell No!! What is wrong with her?? She needs Professional Help! Her husband too


When she turns 18 i will introduce her to several large thumbed homosexuals