Welcome to Courtney's Countdown. This is the first installment of a reality show Courtney Stodden will be airing on YouTube. No, really!

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I had no idea who this girl was until just now. I mean, I still don't reaaaally get it, but from what I usnrentadd she's a 17 year-old who married the guy from the Green Mile? Or someone who looks surprisingly like him?Why do we care? I mean, yes it's a huge age difference, but for whatever reason they got married, that's what they wanted, so there. Can you get married at 16 in America without legal consent from one or both parents? Yes I find her plastic surgery and Carmen-Electra-circa-1997 look disturbing, but I don't think that's grounds for such an obsession over both their obvious thirst for attention and lack of elegance.


WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MOTHER? She is only interested in the photo shoot and not the foot???? WHAT A a**hole!! Now we all know why she allowed this marriage....she wants to be famous thru her daughter. SICK SICK SICK.

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